Team Liquid vs. TSM | 2021 LCS Mid-Season Showdown Predictions

The first LCS champions of 2021 will be crowned in just a couple of days and, needless to say, we’re dying to find out how things will ultimately resolve! Just two Best of 5s are separating us from this oh-so-important moment.

It is only fitting, then, to have Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid as the opening clash — a North American el clasico, no doubt, and a fight between some of the most talented and revered players who’ve ever stepped foot on the LCS stage; this is definitely the kind of Mid-Season Showdown finale all of us hoped for!

Whenever these two perennial North American giants face off, entertainment is all but guaranteed. This upcoming clash should be no different in that regard.

The Losers’ Bracket

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this particular Best of 5 is that it’s basically a match-up between two “losers” — Team Liquid already outclassed Team SoloMid a couple of weeks ago before ultimately succumbing to Cloud9 in exactly the same fashion. The fact that they’re fighting for a spot in the Mid-Season Showdown finals should by no means fool you: both of them have underperformed severely when it mattered most.

Still, we know for a fact that they’re stacked with talent and long-term potential.

Liquid have obviously done a lot more over the last couple of months and have, therefore, earned our benefit of the doubt. Then again, the way in which they had lost to Cloud9 tells us one important thing: they’re far from infallible. But we already knew as much. They certainly had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the regular portion of the split — for reasons that still elude us.

Team SoloMid, on the other hand, have consistently been better than most of their peers, but they still pale in comparison to C9 and TL. They have about as much experience overall, but they’re still nowhere near their level in terms of cohesion — an invaluable component that has cost them many a game thus far.

Then again:
These are the three best teams North America has to offer. They can, by all means, go back to the drawing board after a defeat, shore up their weaknesses, and mount a comeback in record time. We’ve seen them do it this split as well, so we know what they’re capable of.

That, in short, is why this Best of 5 is so darn alluring!

Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid | Mid-Season Showdown Predictions

On paper, Team Liquid definitely have the edge. They know what they’re up against and exactly how Team SoloMid want to play the game out. Still, it goes both ways. The fact that they had won a couple of weeks ago doesn’t mean they’ll be able to do it again — such logic rarely pans out when it comes to competitive League. There’s so much at play at every single moment, and much of it is shrouded in mystery up until the very moment these players step foot on stage to compete.

In the end, though, we simply have to side with Team Liquid on this one. Their players are noticeably more versatile and should, by all means, be able to rebound in grand fashion after their one-sided loss to Cloud9. That said, Team SoloMid never go down without a fight. They’ll make this a bloodbath if they have to, and even though they’re not favored, they’ll surely try their hardest to pull off an upset.

Plus, in all fairness, even if they are worse than Liquid at this point in time, we’re still talking about a fairly narrow gap — one that could, perhaps, be overcome with the right preparation. They definitely have a puncher’s chance, so if you’re looking for the absolute safest possible bet (if there even is such a thing), you’d be wise to look elsewhere.

Either way, regardless of the final outcome, fireworks are all but guaranteed!

Team Liquid vs. Team SoloMid Predictions
Team Liquid
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