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ESL Pro League Virtus Vs Ence

Just twelve teams remain in the competition, eight of which have to battle from the ro12. Four are already well into the playoffs! Play-in stage participants will fight for a direct spot in the semifinals next week. We can think of the play-in stage sort of like the upper bracket here.

The losing sides go through to the quarterfinals, while the winners advance one stage further, the semifinals.

As for vs. ENCE predictions, it’s the fourth and final ro12 match that’s set to decide who goes against the winner of Complexity vs. NaVi in the next round. are the favorites, that’s for sure, but ENCE had two major group stage scalps and are definitely worthy opponents.

That said, vs. ENCE picks are going to be all but straightforward! vs. ENCE Predictions

ESL Pro League S13 betting campaign is not over just yet! Even though we’ve ventured past the halfway point, there’s still the playoffs and two play-in matches for us to bet on. Betting on CSGO is not for the ones faint of heart, especially during these top-tier competitions. Even though it’s not a live event and there’s no in-house audience, the atmosphere is still bound to be electric. If you’re ready for a few thrilling hours this weekend, then by all means continue reading our vs. ENCE predictions!

Quality of Players

YEKINDAR is one of the best players in the world right now! I’m not even exaggerating here – the Latvian menace is plowing his way through the pro scene, taking one massive scalp after another. In fact, he’s been the best player of the ESL Pro League S13 group stage. If that’s not a notable accomplishment, I don’t know what is.’s prodigy is the main factor behind their recent run of form. However, the rest of the team haven’t been slouching either! Jame and buster are always there to back him up, forming a wicked triangle of doom many teams have fallen into… and from the looks of things, ENCE is the next team on the chopping block!

But, we shouldn’t count ENCE out just yet!

They won’t go down without a fight since they have everything to play for here! Plus, dycha has been rather impressive since his arrival. The same goes for Spinx who has been ENCE’s key player in the group stage. But, even if both of them have excellent displays tomorrow, I still don’t think they can win against in-form YEKINDAR and Jame.

Map Pool Statistics

The map pool stats are an interesting aspect too! They always tell us interesting stuff about the given match, emphasizing team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the options they’re going to have in the banning phase.

As for these two, the situation is actually more intense than we had initially thought!

There’s no separating these two on Dust 2 and Overpass. Those two maps are the likeliest choices for the decider map. VP definitely has the advantage on Mirage, Inferno, and Vertigo, meaning they’re coming into the banning phase with massive leverage over their opponents.

Recent Results are in far better shape than ENCE. The CIS behemoths’ 2021 started off strong, featuring three excellent campaigns… but it’s not even that surprising considering they’ve won the last two events in 2020. As explained earlier, YEKINDAR’s form has been the key factor in their recent successes. He’s their winning talisman, the player that decides rounds with just a few flicks of his wrist.

That’s something ENCE doesn’t have in their roster… at least not at such a high level. ENCE are improving, no point denying that. At one point late last year, they had ten consecutive defeats. The most recent roster changes did put an end to their misery, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement if they are to reach another fantastic Major run.

Unfortunately, I don’t think ENCE players will do themselves justice tomorrow. They’re going up against in-form who are thirsty for more silverware. Plus, there’s a ton of money on the line too – and YEKINDAR and the boys will fancy their odds of advancing to the next round! vs. ENCE Betting Predictions to Win!

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Unfortunately, there’s not that much value here. At -333, match-winner on is the best I could find. It’s not the perfect wager, I know, but it’s still something. It’s worthy of a proper CSGO ro12 accumulator, if nothing else!

Please Note:
Nothing is stopping you from placing a totally different bet here. As always, I’m just stating the cold hard facts and making a pick based off them. I’m not always right, but I do try my best. That said, you’re free to experiment with props here – have at it!

That brings us to the end of our vs. ENCE betting predictions. Hope you guys enjoyed the show.

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Happy betting!

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