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Virtus Pro Vs G2 Dreamhack

The group stage of this year’s DreamHack Masters Spring is almost all wrapped up. We’ve already said our farewells to some top-tier teams. Faze Clan, Team Spirit, Mousesports, and Extra Salt are among the most notable eliminations thus far. Tomorrow brings forth another set of thrilling encounters, and vs. G2 might just be the best one out of the bunch.

Why is that so? Well, perhaps it’s not the most notable matchup, but we’re looking at a lower bracket match here meaning the losing side gets eliminated. The winning team, on the other hand, goes through to the playoffs and has guaranteed $10,000 in prize money.

But, I have a feeling vs. G2 might be more troublesome, CSGO betting wise, than I had initially thought. Two fiery sides, both in desperate need of a good result here. But, let’s take things easy… Let’s start our vs. G2 predictions with some useful insights before jumping into statistical depths! vs. G2 Predictions are the favorites here.

BetOnline has them at -120 while G2 is at +100. It’s not a big difference, but still something you should know going forward. As far as head-to-head contests are concerned, there’s not a single relevant clash. The last dates back to April last year and bears absolutely no relevance for our vs. G2 tips.


I guess that means we can start with the forms! Obviously, is the superior team here. The new VP roster rose from the ashes following YEKINDAR’s arrival last May. Since then, the Latvian wunderkind didn’t take too long to start showing his true potential.

He developed well under Jame’s mentorship and is safe to point him out as one of Europe’s finest!

Late 2020 and early 2021 were superb for YEKINDAR and his team. However, their last two outings weren’t that good and they have to use DH Masters Spring to turn a new page. A playoff run would do them a world of good, though it definitely won’t be easy against NiKo-powered G2.

G2 aren’t enjoying their results. Their players have been playing poorly since the start of the year. On the bright side, though, they did qualify for some of the upcoming events. Plus, that second consecutive win in key matches against Mousesports ought to reflect in the way they play tomorrow.

NiKo and the boys are a scary bunch once they get their match on… but they seem to be missing the on/off switch at times.

That could be a big issue against who are known for exploiting even the smallest mistakes their opposition makes.

Map Pool Stats

This ought to be a thrilling contest; the map pool points in that direction! How come? Well, both teams have maps they should be massively superior on.

Please Note:
G2, for instance, has Nuke and Vertigo, maps they shouldn’t lose to VP on. But, Jame and the co. have Overpass (which is likely to be banned), and Mirage. Yep, Mirage – G2 still force it but their win rate is far from ideal…

But, I wouldn’t call our Astralis vs. Heroic predictions done and bet on total maps over just yet. While that seems like a valid wager, let’s finish our analysis before cementing the storyline!

Individual Aspects

Now this is just impossible to decide! On one end we have YEKINDAR and Jame, on the other end we have Niko, nexa, and huNter. If these five were a team, they’d be unstoppable. But, which set of players will be the difference in tomorrow’s clash?

Well, I’m leaning towards the G2 boys.

HuNter has been the best G2 player on this event, which means we haven’t even seen the best of NiKo and nexa yet. G2 will need these two to show their brilliance tomorrow… and I for one don’t think they’ll disappoint us! vs. G2 Betting Predictions
G2 to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

G2 to win at +100 is my bet here! They have more options in the banning phase, they have in-form huNter who won’t be taking any prisoners tomorrow, and I reckon that should be enough to clinch the playoffs.

But, I’m not that confident in their ability to get through to the semifinals.=

We still don’t know who they’ll go up against, but from how things currently stand, I can’t see them advancing any further.

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