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Virtus Pro Vs Gen G Flashpoint Season 2

The first round of Flashpoint S2 group stage matches are finished! We’ve seen plenty of action, plenty of excitement… but plenty of surprises too. The biggest surprises came from the so-called group of death; the very group we’re focusing on here. Both and Gen.G were projected to lose their opening matches.

However, here we are – these two are playing for a spot in the playoffs after looking very confident in an underdog position. It’s going to be a tough contest, but I reckon our vs. Gen.G predictions will be on point.

It would be a nice and welcome change of pace. I don’t like to brag, but we’re on a nasty losing streak, and it has to end now! I’ll understand if you’re not willing to follow my picks anymore, but at least here out what I have to say this time around. vs. Gen.G Predictions

What’s in it for these two teams? Well, it’s quite simple – the winner advances to group C finals which guarantees a spot in the playoffs. The losing team has to go down to the lower bracket final where they’ll fight against the better of C9 vs. OG.

Most CSGO betting sites already feature betting odds for this particular matchup.

However, several big names still haven’t published them. If you read this shortly after it gets published and the odds aren’t available on your go-to bookie, wait a few hours – they’ll show up eventually. The results are still fresh so a short delay is understandable.

Recent Matches

There’s no point in focusing too much on the previous campaigns of these two teams as they’re not that relevant coming into this match. All that matters is a fresh form, and both and Gen.G are coming off surprising wins.

Who would’ve guessed that the new Cloud9 roster would end up losing 2:0 against the second-best CIS team?

Everything pointed to an easy win by C9; heck, I trusted C9 so much that I’ve included them winning in yesterday’s picks. The same goes for Gen.G’s triumph over OG. That match took me by surprise too, especially considering just how well OG has played in recent weeks.

It’s as If I’ve forgotten for a moment that we’re talking about online events here. We have to expect the unexpected. We have to dig far deeper than what we’d have for LAN events.

Please Note:
Online events might not depend on in-venue atmosphere, players’ nerves, and spotlight-shyness… but there are other factors that we’ve perhaps disregarded.

Online CSGO is much more about being tenacious, consistent, and in the moment. Stats are worth gold in online matches – hopefully this realization didn’t come too late…

Map Pool Stats

Map pool stats are heavily favoring The only map don’t fancy is Gen.G’s strongest map – Nuke. is over 70% win rate on all other maps, with Train being on 100% (last six encounters), Dust 2 on 79% (last nineteen encounters), and Mirage on 78% (last nine encounters).

There’s no need to go any further than this. Gen.G are in for a shock, that I can tell you right now!

Individual Stats

YEKINDAR showed class once again! The Latvian prodigy is developing into one of the best fraggers in the region! With 45 kills against Cloud9 last night, he’s been the main star of Jame and Buster aren’t to be taken for granted either. Heck, all five VP players pulled their fair share of weight against Cloud9.

On the other end we have in-form koosta and kreaz.

The latter is still considered an unknown liability… but the 22-year-old Swede is making a good name for himself out there.

With all that said, it’s difficult to separate these two. Statistically, is the better side here. And, believe it or not, this time around we’ll trust the stats! vs. Gen.G Betting Predictions to Win 2:0

A match-winner on is far too low in terms of value. We’re talking -400 here – that’s not something I’d recommend investing in.

Correct score 2:0 in favor of Jame and the boys at -140 seems like a far better option.

It’s riskier, that’s for sure, but if the opening match was any indication of just how good is, I’m confident they’ll stomp over Gen.G and cruise into the playoffs.

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