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The BLAST Premier Global Final story has been all wrapped up with NaVi lifting the title and earning a massive $600,000 in prize money. However, all you CSGO betting enthusiasts don’t have anything to worry about because another notable event is just around the corner. CS_Summit 7 is the name and its opening group stage matches start in just a couple of hours. The one we’re focusing on is a part of the opening-round bunch – vs. NiP predictions are what we’re here for, so let’s dig right in! vs. NiP Predictions and Ninjas in Pyjamas are in group C with Cloud9 and FURIA. Their match is set to start at 9 pm CET today, shortly after FURIA and Cloud9 open up group C. There’s everything to play for both of these sides, and that makes our vs. NiP predictions that much more thrilling!


These two teams must have vastly different expectations coming into this tournament. On one end, are among the favorites and will be hoping to impress and snatch the title. On the other end, NiP players will do their best to get things up and running by qualifying for the playoffs. Everything past that will surely exceed their initial expectations.

Still, that’s not to say NiP will come into this match with a losing mentality. If they are to get out of group C alive, they will have to give their best right from the start. They’ll be going up against either C9 or FURIA in the second round, a match they have to play well in if they want even the slightest chances of going through to the last chance stage.

Map Pool Stats

One quick look at the map pool stats and immediately stand out as massive favorites. They’re superior across the entire map spectrum, except one map. Nothing surprising considering their late 2020 form, but it’s still weird to see such dominance against one of Sweden’s best teams.

That said, the only map NiP should have a concrete advantage on is Nuke. Unfortunately for them, that’s typically the map VP bans right off the bat. That’s bound to happen here too, which leaves NiP with not that many viable options. Seems as though our vs. NiP predictions are already beginning to swing to one end!

Roster Strength and Readiness

YEKINDAR is the name of the game here! I know it sounds like I’m forcing the young Latvian prodigy, but he’s just been too good. If can keep him at bay for the entirety of 2021, I’m certain they’ll make a proper breakthrough. YEKINDAR and Jame are proving to be a marvelous duo; a duo that’s going to do wonders for this year!

There’s no point denying YEKINDAR’s talents, but NiP has something to take note of too. When it comes to NiP, we’re not just talking about raw talent but impeccable teamwork and composure too. Plopski and the company will fancy their chances against VP, but I’m afraid they’ll be in an uphill struggle right from the first round.

Match Winner

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here. And for users outside the United States check out Betway for odds. should be the winning team here, right? I mean, basically everything points in that direction. The roster quality is there and there, but YEKINDAR should pull the odds in VP’s favor. The map pool statistics couldn’t be more in favor of the Jame and the boys, which is just another extra reason to go with a match-winner of VP here. The odds are solid too, what more could you want from this one?

With those words, we’re all done with our vs. NiP predictions. Hope we start our CS_Summit 7 betting adventure on the right foot!

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