vs. Spirit Betting Predictions | DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Match Analysis

Virtus Pro Vs Team Spirit DreamHack Masters Spring

The wait is no more! We’ve witnessed the first day of this year’s DreamHack Masters Spring. Unsurprisingly, the first day was absolutely packed with excitement. There weren’t any notable upsets, though I am sure that will change in the coming days. Heck, perhaps our vs. Spirit predictions kickstart the show! vs. Spirit Predictions

This here is a lower bracket encounter. That means one simple thing – the losing team gets eliminated. There are no more second chances for these two; they already lost a match on day one. Now they need to string together two more wins to clinch the playoffs.

It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure.

Esports betting sites are overflooded with CSGO betting enthusiasts finalizing their DH Masters Spring betting slips. If you’re among them, you’re probably just about to invest… wait – read this piece first to get a deeper perspective on this match’s complexity!

Form have a lot to write home about. Believe it or not, the newly decorated CIS team has won four notable titles since December, and almost went all the way on two additional occasions. To be honest, their last two outings weren’t up to the newly drafted standards. Funspark ULTI and ESL Pro League S13 saw them exit following unlucky circumstances.

But, they seem to be ready to turn a new page and spark their playoffs story from the lower bracket.

Spirit have been pretty good too. They don’t have any top-notch titles to their tally, but DH Open January EU and Winstrike CIS Cup are not to be taken for granted… especially when combined with semifinal finishes on BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, Pinnacle Cup, and most importantly, IEM XV World Championship.

Please Note:
One last thing – these two did play a ton of h2h matches, but none happened recently. The last one was way back in November last year. VP took the match with 2:1 on the scoreboard, not that it matters for our vs. Spirit predictions here.

Map Pool Stats

Dust 2 and Train are the maps Spirit players will be hoping for. Mirage and Inferno stand tall on the other end. Everything else, apart from each team’s permabans, will be up for grabs. Things could get spicey, but I wouldn’t bet a ton of money on total maps over just yet. We aren’t done with the research section of our vs. Spirit predictions, so let’s continue with our hard work!

Individual Aspects

Mir and degster are the prime players in this Team Spirit roster. Even though they’re constantly putting up impressive numbers, we can’t really say their team has performed well. As for, YEKINDAR and Jame are the players who are making all the right moves. The difference is, though, that have several titles to their tally.

As mentioned in the form section, have been on top of their game for quite a while.

I for one believe they’re going to shake off recent mishaps and put in a proper show for us. Spirit is a team they know very well, and I think that could be the key factor here. Mir and the boys will stand their ground, but I still fancy VP’s chances here… especially at -104! vs. Spirit Betting Predictions to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

You just can’t pass up on an opportunity such as this one! Team Spirit, who’ve lost to G2 in the opening round, are labeled as the favorites against While I can (for a moment) see where the bookies are coming from with this, YEKINDAR and the boys are the heavy favorites from my perspective.

They will cruise to a win here, mark my words!

That’d be all for today, folks. Join us tomorrow for a fresh set of CSGO betting picks. Fingers crossed today’s action yields hefty returns!

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