Vitality vs. BIG Betting Predictions | CS_Summit 6 Picks & Betting Odds

Vitality vs. BIG Betting Predictions | CS_Summit 6 Picks & Betting Odds

Vitality vs. BIG predictions are the last esports predictions we’re going to do for CS_Summit 6 EU. How come? Well, it’s the last match, the grand finals, you bozo! One of these teams will come out of this match with an extra $34,000 in their pockets, while the losing side will have “just” $22,000.

What we’re looking at here is a replay of the upper bracket finals dating back just two days. Team Vitality was the stronger side last Friday, and our Vitality vs. BIG predictions are here to predict whether or not they’ll be the stronger side tomorrow as well.

Vitality vs. BIG Predictions

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Recent Results

Tricky against OG… Yep, BIG’s lower bracket finals victory against OG was a lot trickier than what’s shown by the end result. Aleksib and the boys showed off excellent tactical prowess; even supremacy, I’ll call it, on Inferno. But, they couldn’t transition their form to the last round which meant they’re out of the event.

BIG, on the other hand, played up to their usual standards. All five players were five kills separated from one another. XANTARES and syrsoN were leading the charge, but I’d like to argue the Turk was by far the best player in BIG. He had 49 kills across three maps and 82.6 average damage per round. If he can give BIG more of the same in the grand finals, I’m sure BIG will be settled for the surprise they so desperately crave for.

What can we learn from Vitality’s last match? In other words, what can we learn from the last head to head match between Vitality and BIG? Well, whatever it is, it’ll definitely mean a lot for our Vitality vs. BIG predictions… especially to those of you who’ll end up placing CS:GO bets on this particular match.

The clash started on Mirage where BIG managed to secure the win in the last possible round. 16-14 was the end result, with k1to showing all his might to help BIG go one up. Inferno was the second map and BIG could’ve easily won it… if only they could have clutched anything. According to the stats, BIG didn’t win a single clutch situation on inferno, whereas Vitality won five. This goes to show you what a tight contest the second map was.

As for the third map, BIG went to the second half with just five rounds on the board which completely ruined their confidence. They did budge in the second half, but it wasn’t anywhere near their best displays… Even though Dust 2 is one of BIG’s strongest maps, ZywOo and APEX annihilated them… and that’s putting it lightly.

Map Pool Info

Statistically, BIG has a deeper map pool than Vitality. Well, not exactly deeper, but they do have better per-map stats than Vitality over the course of the last three months or so. Now, haters will say Vitality played against tougher opponents, and that’s true to an extent… but looking at the last month or so, BIG’s numbers are pretty consistent. Consistently high, to be more precise.

They’re excellent on Overpass even though they don’t play it as much as they’d like. They’re superb on Dust 2 (80% win rate across 25 maps) and aren’t afraid to trade blows with the best of them on Mirage and Nuke. The same goes for Vertigo, with the only poor maps being Inferno and Train. The latter is their permaban, so that’s out of the equation right away.

As for Vitality, the only map they’re statistically better than BIG on is Vertigo.

However, I have to point out the fact that Vitality defeated BIG on Inferno and Dust 2, meaning they’ll have a certain psychological advantage if they play on them again in the grand finals. I’d like to see either Train or Inferno, to be honest – these maps would make for a proper spectacle!

Individual Prowess

Back to square one, I guess? Just kidding – the final piece of our Vitality vs. BIG predictions puzzle lies in roster quality. Yep, we’re going to talk about players here. At first glance, which of these two sides has the superior team on an individual level? I reckon most of you’d side with Team Vitality just because they have ZywOo, the world’s best CS:GO player…

Now, now, I’m not saying you’d be wrong – all I’m saying is that BIG’s roster is stronger than meets the eye. Perhaps not on an individual level, but as a collective, a five-man collective, they are outright superb. Even though they lack a word-class player like ZywOo, they’re making up for it with teamwork, superb plays off each other, and excellent cohesion that makes them difficult to play against.

With that in mind, I’m actually ready to cement my Vitality vs. BIG predictions. The pick will surprise you… here it comes:

Vitality vs. BIG Predictions

If you’re afraid of losing your hard-earned money, then the best advice I can give you is to skip this one. It’s going to be a tight contest, just like last time out. Plus, it’s an online event, and we all know just how chaotic those can become.

If you’re looking for a high-risk high-reward encounter, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. Even though Vitality has been outright superb throughout the competition, I believe BIG has much better chances to win. Yes, they are coming into the finals with a map in minus. Vitality is the upper bracket team meaning they start the match with 1-0 on the scoreboard. This means BIG only has room for a single mistake. Statistically, BIG can allow a loss on Vertigo and still come out on top.

Once again, my advice is to skip this one if you’re not confident in BIG. If you’re a fan of risky bets, though, +200 on BIG to surprise the Frenchmen possesses massive value.

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