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One thing is certain, group A of BLAST Premier Spring regular season was packed with surprises. There wasn’t just one surprise; or two for that matter… there were three massive upsets that no one could have predicted coming into the group stage. In the end, NiP and BIG qualified for the Spring Finals, while OG and Astralis will have to go through the Showdown hassle.

As for group B, Vitality vs. Complexity predictions reflect on the opening match; EG vs. G2 is scheduled as the second one. Looking at the teams’ sheet, this one has even bigger upset potential with all four teams rightfully contesting for the Spring Finals spots. Arguably, Vitality is the heavy favorite, but neither of the three contestants will back down without a fight.

Vitality vs. Complexity Predictions

Our Vitality vs. Complexity predictions are set to follow the usual storyline. We’re going to start off with some basic CSGO betting tips then dive deep into the complexity of the match at hand. Expectations, form, map pool and rosters – we’re going to examine all these factors before drawing concrete conclusions.

These two have played quite a few matches last year, with Vitality taking more wins in the process. The last head-to-head match between these two was just three weeks ago. It was during the recently finished BLAST Premier Global Final where Vitality took desecrated Complexity down with 2:0 on the scoreboard.

CSGO Betting Tips

Let’s not waste any precious time here and jump straight into two valuable CSGO betting tips you need to know about:

Don’t Go All In

The first rule of betting on CSGO (or any other esports title for that matter) – don’t go all in all the time! Budget management is of crucial importance for everyone who wants to be on the positive end of the online betting spectrum. Don’t splurge through your savings all at once. Time your bets (something we’ll talk about later on) and manage your spendings… and you should be alright!

Time Your Bets

Well, if you’re into betting on esports in the long run, you’ll have to time your bets properly! What does that mean? Well, you’ll have to frequently check the esports calendar and see which events and matchups are worth your time. For instance, February has a ton of CSGO betting action – not just in the form of BLAST Premier Spring groups but the upcoming IEM XV World Championship too. If you’re a CSGO bettor, you’re going to enjoy every second of February, I can already see it.


What do people expect from this matchup? Well, everyone expects Vitality to continue their solid run of form and assert dominance against Complexity. They’ve slammed them in the last head-to-head match with a quick and easy 2:0, and many are expecting the exact same outcome here again.

However, it might not be that easy now that poizon is back in Complexity’s starting roster. Remember, the last time these two played JUGi was standing in for the Bulgarian AWPer. Now that he’s back in business, we can expect Complexity to put up a much better fight and properly contest against one of the best teams in the world!

Map Pool Stats

Last time out, Vitality defeated Complexity on Mirage and Dust 2. Statistically, Complexity’s poor run of form means they don’t have a single strong map at the moment. Their best win rates are 45% on Mirage and 40% on Overpass… and let’s just say that’s outright awful. With poizon in the starting roster, things will be different – Complexity will be able to use their old strats and mechanics that they haven’t had the chance to use ever since he had to leave the starting roster last year. The question is, just how much poizon’s return means for our Vitality vs. Complexity picks?!

Roster Strength and Readiness

When talking about roster strengths of Vitality and Complexity, two names immediately come to mind. On one end, we have the world’s best player ZywOo who’s been stringing together another amazing set of performances. On the other end of the server, we have the likes of BlameF and RUSH who’ve been in solid form over the last few months. ZywOo, obviously, wins all individual contests every day of the week, but Complexity’s boys will have some questions to answer too… Hopefully they will rise up to the challenge and pose as a tough nut to crack for the Frenchmen.

As mentioned earlier, poizon is back in Complexity’s starting roster following almost two months of absence due to an emergency medical procedure in December. His return ought to mark a whole new era of complexity and help them push through and contend for a spot on the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

Match Winner
Complexity To Win!

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Obviously, this is one of those high-risk high-reward types of bets here! At -400, betting on Vitality to assert their dominance once again just isn’t worth it. However, the return of poizon ought to help complexity turn a new page… that, combined with an upset-friendly tournament thus far, might end up as one of the most valuable outcomes on this event. +255 is great as a single; no need to force a higher stake here.  A low stake single is what I’m talking about here – it might just bring us a hefty profit ahead of tougher contests in BLAST Premier Spring Group B!

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