Vitality vs. Complexity Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Predictions

Vitality Vs Complexity ESL Pro League

We’re hoping our Vitality vs. Complexity predictions help push our (thus far) successful ESL Pro League S12 campaign to even greater heights! We’re looking at the first-place and fifth-place group B teams.

Surprisingly enough, Complexity is at the top of the group, following a series of surprising wins. Vitality, on the other end, is finally improving their record, and are hoping to snatch one of the last playoffs tickets.

Remember, though, not only does Complexity have a better score coming into this match (4-1 compared to 3-2), but they’re also playing against Faze Clan in the last round. Vitality goes up against Mousesports, which is going to be the deciding match for one of them, seeing the current state of affairs results-wise.

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But, enough with all that – let’s turn our attention towards Vitality vs. Complexity predictions and see what sort of valuable info we come across!


Vitality vs. Complexity Predictions

If Complexity wins this match, they’re through to the playoffs no matter how they play against Faze Clan in the last round. True, a win against Faze would cement their position in the upper bracket… but even if they lose, they can still hope other results pan in a way that best fits their placement.

Yep, Complexity has plenty of leeway coming into this one… all courtesy of excellent results thus far.


Complexity is four and one on ESL Pro League S12 EU. They lost against Mousesports in the last round, but had won against Astralis, Fnatic, NiP, and Spirit before that. Vitality kickstarted the group stage with a tight win against NiP, but went through tough losses against Spirit and Astralis later on. They’re back on the winning path, though, having won against Faze and Fnatic.

Complexity is going to be a tough cookie… that said, our Vitality vs. Complexity predictions will have to dig pretty deep to find the best value here!

Map Pool Depth

Complexity’s Dust 2 performances have been absolutely sick. Five maps, five consecutive wins – that’s their strongest map at the moment. However, the mast BlameF and the boys are most comfortable on is Nuke. Their win rate isn’t sky high (just 62%), but they’re likely to pick it over anything else, especially if they do some comparisons with Vitality:

Vitality Vs Complexity ESL Pro League Pool

ZywOo and the boys will want to snatch Overpass or Inferno. Heck, both teams have at least two maps they should be comfortable on… which pops the question – which map is going to end up deciding this contest?

Individual Player Qualities

Even though Complexity players are in excellent form (most of them, to be more precise), they’re still not enough to push through Vitality’s experience and sheer individual quality, courtesy of ZywOo. BlameF and poison are the leading men on the other end, and they’re definitely going to cause trouble for the Frenchmen…

There’s plenty of bad blood between the two – this tweet by Vitality perfectly depicts the fiery action we can expect tomorrow!

That said, going for a match-winner is a big no-no here! Either side can win it, that’s for sure! Each side has a solid go-to map meaning we should see this contest go the extra length. And yep, that’s exactly what our Vitality vs. Complexity predictions are going to cement:

Vitality vs. Complexity Betting Predictions
Total Maps Over 2.5!

Coming into this match, CSGO bookies have Complexity as the slightest of favorites. But, given the situation, betting against Vitality just isn’t viable. I mean, they have in-form ZywOo (let’s face it, he’s always in form) who’s capable of deciding rounds in a single flick of the wrist. No matter how good the players on the other end are, no matter what sort of results they’re bringing to the table, ZywOo’s individual brilliance is not to be taken for granted.

But, doesn’t that mean we should bet on Vitality then?

Well, it’s complicated, to say the least! While Complexity is the favorite team coming into this one, ZywOo diminishes their slight advantage. But, ZywOo won’t be able to defeat Complexity all on his own, which is why I’ve decided to opt for map total over here. It’s a risky move, but I deem it far less risky than either of the two match-winner options.

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