Vitality vs. ENCE Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Showdown EU Picks & Betting Odds

Vitality vs. ENCE Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Showdown EU Picks & Betting Odds

We’ve had mixed results with DreamHack Masters Spring betting predictions last week. But, now that the event is on a week-long hold, we have a new opportunity to make things better. Welcome BLAST Premier Showdown! We already have a detailed event betting preview but if picks are what you’re interested in, then our Vitality vs. ENCE predictions ought to be of interest. But, before we start with the analysis of both participating teams, let’s check out the safest sites with CS:GO odds!

Where to Bet on BLAST Premier Showdown | Best CS:GO Betting Sites

You can place CS:GO wagers on a whole bunch of different online betting platforms. That’s because, these days, esports betting is a massively popular niche that’s present virtually everywhere. Sports bookmakers have adopted it years ago, and it’s showing no signs of stopping.

The same can be said about CS:GO! Valve’s popular first-person shooter is enjoying its flair out there, captivating millions of esports fans and thousands of enthusiasts fancying betting on CS:GO matches. If you’re among them, but you’re not sure where to find platforms that facilitate betting on CS:GO matches, our detailed bookies guide ought to help you out.

Vitality vs. ENCE Betting Predictions

Vitality is coming into this math with a lot better form than ENCE. On top of that, they also defeated the tenacious Finnish side pretty recently, in what was a solid 2-0 clash. ENCE players looked bleak throughout the ordeal, with only Allu doing stuff on his end. When talking about Vitality vs. ENCE predictions, we have to start off with ENCE’s terrible performances on notable events.

ENCE’s DH Masters Disappointment

ENCE is in a terrible form. The Finns didn’t have a lot of international events thus far in 2020, but those they did play on turned out as massive disappointment. Allu and the company went through a heartbreak after a heartbreak, fuming fans’ disappointment and presenting themselves in awful light. They got eliminated from the group stage of DH Masters Spring and ESL Pro League S11. They did better on ESL One Road to Rio, although only slightly…

Vitality Finally Winning Matches

Vitality, on the other hand, can be satisfied with last week’s performance. They defeated NiP and ENCE to reach the playoffs where they’re going up against Heroic. If they win, they’ll most likely go up against Astralis. That’s going to be a tricky contest for ZywOo and the company, that’s for sure – especially considering the fact the losing side is out of the competition.

As for our Vitality vs. ENCE predictions, we’re looking at a tricky matter, that’s for sure. Last time out, Vitality swept past ENCE in what was a quick and resounding 2-0 win. This time around, things should be a bit different. Jammpi is back and allu seems to be in fine form, meaning we’re likely to see a much tighter contest. Plus, we’re talking about a Bo1 match here, which massively skews the overall complexity of the gameplay.

If you’re not trying to win big and if you’re not keen on making massive risks, then a simple match-winner on Vitality is what you should go with here. If, on the other hand, you’d like to test your luck, you can go for a slightly riskier Vitality match-winner and rounds over 26.5 combo. It’s risky, I know, but at +200 it could be well worth the trouble!

Vitality vs. ENCE Predictions
Vitality and over 26.5

Vitality to win and over 26.5 at +200

That’s it for today, folks – our Vitality vs. ENCE predictions are all wrapped up! Tune in later for more CS:GO betting predictions!


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