Vitality vs. Faze Clan Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 13 Match Analysis

Vitality Vs Faze ESL Pro League

We just can’t get a lucky break, boys. We’ve lost both group A wagers. Both of them were literally two rounds away from wins. OG vs. FPX match was a proper thriller, no doubt about that. I was shellshocked to see niko’s ace go to waste… but hey, that’s top-tier CSGO action in a nutshell!

Vitality vs. Faze Clan is our third pick on this contest.

Hey, third is the charm, boys! Let’s start exploring the contest! We need to take a hard look at both ends of the server to ensure we don’t lose the third consecutive wager on our ESL Pro League S13 betting adventure!

Vitality vs. Faze Clan Predictions

Big news coming in from Vitality. They’ve benched Nivera and returned to a more conventional 5-man roster ahead of their first group B match against Ninjas in Pyjamas. While this isn’t as big of an alteration as a starting roster alteration, ZywOo and the boys will definitely feel Nivera’s absence.

But, it’s still an alteration and we have to take it into account going forward with our Vitality vs. Faze Clan picks. The first thing we’re going to cover here is the form – hope you enjoy the show!


Which of these two teams is in better form? On one end we have Vitality that have been nothing but terrible on their last two outings. BLAST Premier Global Final saw them budge against NaVi in the semifinals, but it wasn’t enough to push them through to the grand finals.

Please Note:
Faze Clan wasn’t largely successful either. Poor performances on CS_Summit 7 and IEM XV WC must’ve left a mark on these players. SteelSeries Invitational didn’t end as planned either… The only glimpse of Faze Clan’s success this year came from the group stage of BLAST Premier Spring. They’re through to the Finals, and that’s basically the only thing they got going on for them so far.

While there’s no clear winner in this department, we have to give Vitality the benefit of the doubt. It’s not a big win by any means, but it’s just something the rest of our Vitality vs. Faze Clan predictions can build upon.

Map Pool Stats

If you’re a frequent visitor of proper CSGO betting platforms, you must be well-aware of the importance of analyzing the map pool stats. You’re probably also aware that, sometimes, map pool stats can actually trick you and make you miss out on a hefty return.

As far as Vitality vs. Faze Clan map pool stats go, Vitality seems to be in control.

Overpass and Vertigo could be two aces up their sleeves, though Faze Clan won’t give up without a fight. Inferno, Dust 2, and Nuke is something they’ll fancy their chances on. The latter is likely to be the decider map. Keep in mind, though, neither of the two has a clear winning path! The third map is a likely scenario here.

Individual Aspects

I think you already know what I’m going to write about here.

I’m going to emphasize ZywOo.

I mean, who else could it be? Even when he’s not playing well, he’s still the most dangerous man on the server. Faze Clan doesn’t have such a fragging potential in their roster, and it ought to be one of (if not the) deciding factors tomorrow. That said, I feel like we’re ready to wrap this piece up and present the good stuff:

Vitality vs. Faze Clan Betting Predictions
Vitality to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

A match-winner on Vitality is my choice here! It’s nothing special, no high-risk high-reward kind of a deal here. We need to win a wager, and we need to win it now… From the looks of things, Vitality’s clash against Faze Clan brings just enough value to make for an interesting setup.

If you’re brave enough, perhaps Vitality to win 2:0 at +165 might be more up your alley.

The value is there, that’s for sure. Knowing the form of Faze Clan players (more like the lack thereof), the match-winner outcome shouldn’t be in question. If ZywOo gets off on the right foot, we can expect a proper wipeout. If not, Faze Clan could end up snatching a map. Either way, the French team should cruise to victory tomorrow.

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