Vitality vs. Faze Betting Predictions | ESL Pro League Season 12 Picks

Vitality Vs Faze ESL Pro League

The European iteration of the ESL Pro League is awesome! It has already brought forth numerous attractive encounters, several major upsets, and confirmed Faze Clan are still losers.

I’m not even trying to belittle NiKo and the boys here – I’m just stating the obvious!

No worries – our Vitality vs. Faze predictions are going to be objective – we’ll be relying on facts and stats above anything else… In fact, let’s stop beating around the bushes and jump straight to the action!

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Why Should You Trust Our Esports Picks?

Typically, when talking about esports picks (or sports picks for that matter), we’re talking about all sorts of insider tips or alleged match-fixing and whatnot. Please be advised guys – don’t fall for this cr*p! Don’t trust self-proclaimed esports betting experts who just hand out free tips and use your funds to fill their affiliate accounts.

I’m not an esports betting expert! I’ve been in the hobby for almost a decade now, but I don’t consider myself an expert. As a matter of fact, knowing what sort of folk wave esports betting expert badges, I don’t think I’ll ever label myself as one.

I’m just a regular guy who loves placing CSGO bets, just like you!

If you can respect that, if you can think with your own head, and double-check everything I write in my Vitality vs. Faze predictions, you’ll be satisfied with my work.

So yeah, that’s why you can trust our esports picks. They aren’t insider tips, they aren’t fake match-fixing schemes or anything like that… We’re just trying to help you get a better picture of each particular match through important stats, key figures, and fresh news.

That said, let’s start off our Vitality vs. Faze predictions and see where the facts take us!

Vitality vs. Faze Predictions

First things first – Faze Clan is at the dead bottom of group B with three losses in three matches. Worst of all, Faze is yet to win a single map on the event. The closes they’ve come thus far was on the opening match against Mousesports when they had won thirteen rounds on Nuke. The opening round loss was followed by two additional ones – against Astralis and Fnatic… of what a mess Faze Clan got themselves in. Turns out Kjaerbye isn’t what this Faze Clan roster needed.


There – I’ve already said everything you need to know about Faze Clan’s form coming into this match. If we’re going to zoom out a bit, then you’ll see a couple of solid campaigns. But those campaigns are in the past. Everything that matters now is Faze Clan’s ESL Pro League S12 performance… and it’s safe to say it’s been absolutely atrocious.

Vitality’s form hasn’t been all that good either. They kicked things off on the right foot by beating NiP in what was a pretty fiery 2:1 contest. Unfortunately, Spirit emerged victorious in a thrilling contest that went to overtime on the second and went to the thirtieth round on the third map. It’s safe to say all the luck was on Spirit’s side. Next came Astralis; even though the match was neck and neck from the first to the last round, the Great Danes emerged victorious… deservingly so.

Map Pool Stats

The map pool stats of these two teams are pretty one-sided. I mean, it was always going to be the case considering Faze Clan’s poor run of form. Vitality’s better on all maps except Train, their permaban. But guess what, Vitality will ban Train right off the bat and I honestly don’t know what map Faze is going to opt for cometh the picking phase. Dust 2 seems like the most likely choice, seeing as they’ve been pretty lackluster on Mirage lately. Either way, map pool stats (courtesy of HLTV) show Vitality in the perfect position to close this match out without needing to go to the decider map.

Individual Qualities

Considering the way Faze players have been playing in recent weeks/months, there’s no way I can give them the upper hand. Especially not against ZywOo and the rest of Vitality’s lean mean fragging machine. ZywOo is in great form (isn’t he always?) just like shox and RpK. Misutaaa is yet to show his true skills, although I’m sure we’ll see him settle in before the end of the year. It takes some time to adapt to top-tier teams, even more so when you’re still just a teenager.

Vitality vs. Faze Betting Predictions
Vitality to Win 2:0!

I’m going in with a risky bet here. Correct score 2:0 in favor of ZywOo and the boys. I mean, do I have to elaborate anything here? As mentioned several times already, Faze Clan has been an absolute mess of a team ever since Kjaerbye joined.

Please Note:
I’m not saying it’s his fault, I’m just stating the obvious. They haven’t won a single map on the event thus far, and I reckon Vitality won’t let them change that tomorrow.

At -106, I believe this bet brings forth a ton of value. Sure, NiKo is always dangerous and if he gets going early on, he can be the player who singlehandedly snatches a map… but the chances of that happening against well-disciplined Team Vitality are second to none.

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