Vitality vs. NaVi Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Global Final Analysis

Blast Premier Finals Vitality Vs Navi

This is it, fellas! Just one more matchday and we’re all through with the first notable CSGO event of 2021! There are two matches left for us to discuss, with the first one being the lower bracket finals between Vitality and Natus Vincere. As you’ve probably guessed by now, Vitality vs. NaVi predictions are here and they’ll focus on the important stuff regarding both sides.

Are you going to be investing your money into this contest? If you are, then you’ll surely love the information we’re about to bring to the table. Hope you stick till the very end – let’s get things rolling!

Betting on the Grand Finals | Things You Should Know

The grand finals are the ultimate match of every event; these are the matches you should bet on if you’re looking for the biggest-possible value in the CSGO betting sphere. It’s the end all be all of CSGO; the match that not only decides the winner but also brings forth the biggest difference in prize money.

The same goes for this one:

  • The winning team goes down in the history books as the BLAST Premier Global Final winner and gets $600,000 in prize money.
  • The loser gets a tap on the shoulder and “only” $200,000 and needless to say, the difference is massive.

But, what does this have to do with Vitality vs. NaVi predictions when it’s not the grand finals match? Well, the winner gets to play against Astralis in the grand finals, and that ought to be a special occasion. There won’t be a lot of time to get your bets in following this match, so you’ll have to be fast.

What should you bet on, though?

Well, since we won’t have enough time to bring you an in-depth look at the grand finals, let’s have a short discussion here! Should you bet against Astralis in the grand finals, seeing as they’re going to be the heavy favorites no matter which of these two teams gets to be their opponent?

Please Note:
Both NaVi and Vitality have won important elimination matches against Astralis last year, so it’s not going to be impossible. The CIS champions were a bigger pain for Astralis than the Frenchmen. NaVi eliminated Astralis on IEM XIV World Championship, and IEM XV Beijing. Vitality, on the other hand, took the BLAST Premier Fall title from the Great Danes last December. I’m not going to give you guys any concrete picks here, I’m just trying to emphasize the fact both NaVi and Vitality are worthy opponents. No matter who wins this one, the grand finals won’t lack quality, that’s for sure!

Vitality vs. NaVi Predictions

Last year, Vitality reached the grand finals on six occasions. They’ve played against NaVi several times too, with the most notable encounter being the grand finals of IEM XV Beijing. Vitality took the title following an awesome 3:2 win against the CIS champions. They definitely know how to reach the grand finals, but closing out events just wasn’t their thing last year…

As for NaVi, even though they’ve been the most consistent team of 2020, they’ve reached grand finals fewer times than Vitality.

They’ve participated in four grand finals, ending up with just one notable title. There’s just one certain thing about this one – whoever wins is going to be the underdog against Astralis in the grand final!


What can we expect from this one? Well, I think we’re going to see this match go the extra length, although I’m not going to have that as my Vitality vs. NaVi picks here. Nope – I’ve learned my lesson the hard way with our last set of CSGO picks!

In addition to that, I’m sure we’ll have a splendid match ahead of us. It’s not every day we see two of CSGO’s finest players go head-to-head in such an important (read elimination) match. This has all the potential of being the best match thus far this year, and spicing it up with a bet or two ought to bring you a lot of extra fun too.

Map Pool Stats

Things will be really interesting in the banning phase. You see, Vitality ought to fancy their playstyle on Inferno, Overpass, and Vertigo. The thing is, Vertigo will be banned right off the bat which leaves the Frenchmen with just two options. Vitality will fancy Nuke and Train; the latter ought to get banned too which leaves the CIS champs with just Nuke… and we’ve seen they can be pretty easily countered on it.

What about other maps?

Well, Vitality has a slight statistical advantage, but it’s nothing that S1mple and the NaVi boys can’t deal with. This section of our Vitality vs. NaVi predictions perfectly showcases just what a tight match this is going to be… though if I had to choose a winner in this department, it’d be Vitality with the narrowest of margins.

Roster Strength and Readiness

No need to go into too much depth here; we all know what these two sets of players are capable. We all know which two players will lead the charge on their respective end… we all know ZywOo and S1mple will be the fiery catalysts giving their 120% to push their team forward.

ZywOo aside, shox has been an important player for Vitality thus far. Nivera as the sixth man did a fairly good job too. As for NaVi, S1mple has been an absolute beast just like you’d expect. Electronic’s performances have been nothing but exceptional too. The same can be said about their sixth man B1T. He might not have played a lot, but he definitely did impact NaVi’s performances, especially earlier today against Liquid.

Vitality vs. NaVi Betting Predictions
Vitality to Win!

Vitality is the favorite coming into this one; not by a lot, though. CSGO bookmakers are well-aware of NaVi’s snowball potential, especially knowing just how well B1T played against Team Liquid. But, Vitality should have more than enough time to prepare for NaVi and assert their dominance ahead of the grand finals match.

As for the grand finals, it’s going to be anyone’s game, really…

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