Vitality vs. NiP Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

Vitality vs. NiP Betting Predictions, Picks & Value Hunting

It’s time to showcase the most anticipated matchup from group D of the ongoing DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 EU online event. Well, one of the most anticipated group D matches, to be more precise. As the title suggests, I’m referring to Vitality vs. NiP predictions, the third head to head match between these two teams in as little as a month. They played twice on ESL One: Rio, with one win going NiP’s and one going Vitality’s way. The more important one went in favor of the Frenchmen, and that’s something Nip will want to avenge, coming into this match.

For all you CS:GO bettors reading this, allow me to guide you through my vitality vs. NiP predictions. However, seeing as there must be a huge number of newcomers reading this, it’s only polite to start with some general information regarding CS:GO bets.

How to Place CS:GO Bets | Online Esports Betting 101

Placing CS:GO bets isn’t nuclear physics. Yes, it can get tricky if you’re just starting out, but you should be able to get up to speed with everything pretty quickly. If you have a background in online betting, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t excel at CS:GO betting.

Of course, one thing is knowing how to place CS:GO bets, and another thing is knowing how to place winning CS:GO bets. Yep, all it takes to make a massive difference is a single word. Unfortunately, there’s no golden advice that I can provide you with here that’ll automatically turn you into a successful bettor. It takes plenty of time and requires plenty of effort… if you’re willing to invest both into your new hobby, I’m sure you’ll manage to turn a profit in the foreseeable future, especially in a fast-growing niche such as esports betting.

Vitality vs. NiP Predictions

After checking out the basics of online betting on CS:GO, let’s focus on the match at hand and get down and dirty on Vitality vs. NiP predictions!

Recent Results

The last time Vitality had a good campaign from start to finish dates all the way back to December last year. The occasion was EPICTENER 2019 when they won the event after beating Mousesports in the grand finals. Before that, they also had decent outings on IEM XIV Beijing and DH Masters Malmo, but ever since their EPICENTER triumph, the Frenchmen were far away from their top form.

They competed on four notable events in 2020 thus far, and not once have they reached further than the early playoffs. Their best result was on the latest event, ESL One: Road to Rio, on which they eliminated NiP but failed to go further than the fourth spot. Most recently, Vitality lost their first-round match against NaVi in what was a pretty tight contest.

NiP share a similar story. A fifth-place finish on ESL One Road to Rio after losing against Vitality, coupled with 7th/9th finishes on BLAST Premier Spring Season and ESL Pro League S11 Europe, and an even worse (9th/12th) finish on IEM XIV World Championship paint a solid image for our Vitality vs. NiP predictions. But, before we can draw concrete conclusions, let’s check out the map pools!

Map Pool Depth

When it comes to map pool depth, Vitality ranks slightly better with superior stats on Dust 2, Mirage, Nuke, and Vertigo. NiP has the advantage on overpass and Train, although I’d scratch Train and Nuke from the lists seeing as the winning percentages on both ends are shaky, to say the least. This leaves NiP with just a single map (Overpass), meaning they’ll be going through hell itself in the banning phase.

Individually, these teams might seem pretty neck and neck but, in reality, ZywOo swings the odds in his team’s favor. There’s just nothing this dude can’t do – I’m dead serious. He’s able to singlehandedly win rounds and that might just be the deciding factor for this particular matchup.

Vitality vs. NiP Predictions
Even though some of the stats point towards NiP, I reckon ZywOo’s vitality is going to have an explosion here. With the young French superstar leading the charge, Vitality should make it two in a row against NiP and get back on level terms ahead of the final group D match against ENCE. If NaVi loses both matches, Vitality could finish on the top spot. It’s a far stretch, but not impossible!

As for our Vitality vs. NiP predictions, there’s really nothing more to be said. Vitality has better players, have shown superb teamwork when needed, and are in slightly better form than the Swedes. Map pools are pretty solid on both ends, just like all of the less-notable factors like pistol round capability, snowballing potential, tactical prowess, etc. Most of these factors pointed towards Vitality’s end, which is why they’re the team we’re going with. You could go a bit fancier with correct score or map totals, but a simple match-winner on the Frenchmen is all I’m going with here!

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