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ESL Pro League Vitality Vs NIP

The second day of the European ESL Pro League Season 12 starts in a few hours. The first day, AKA opening group A matches, went according to everyone’s expectations. No real surprises – BIG, NaVi and G2 took the important opening wins and will be looking to impress in the second round too. As for group B, Vitality vs. NiP predictions is what we’re here for! It’s the hottest opening round matchup; the match we’re going to use to kickstart our new CSGO betting campaign!

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Vitality vs. NiP Predictions

Now let’s talk about the actual Vitality vs. NiP predictions! All esports bookies have the French team as the heavy favorites. And it’s hard to argue their case, despite the fact NiP had a solid campaign last week. You see, Vitality one-upped them, beating them in the semifinals but ultimately losing to Heroic in the grand finale.

That head to head match has to be emphasized here.

We’re talking about a clean 2:0 win for Vitality. The French team, led by ZywOo, won on Dust 2 and Overpass. Dust 2 was Vitality’s pick, and they aced it with 16:7. NiP did their best to take it to the third map on their pick (Overpass), but ZywOo’s 32 kills suggest he was having none of it.


Recent results are essential for our Vitality vs. NiP predictions. They tell us about the form of both sides, which greatly affects team morale and tactical systems ahead of the next match.

Generally speaking, Vitality is finally back following a series of disastrous performances in the first half of 2020. Three grand final finishes, three grand final losses – they aren’t there just yet, but their consistency is definitely improving. They just need to pump up their numbers in the last match and finish off the series with style.

As for NiP, the Swedes’ best performance in 2020 thus far was last week’s ESL One Cologne. They finally managed to reach the playoffs and actually do something notable. Prior to the ESL One spectacle, NiP had disappointed their fans on almost every occasion. A series of group stage eliminations and low-key playoff adventures. I’m not pointing fingers here or anything like that, but I have to state the obvious – Vitality is in much better form ahead of this match!

Map Pool Depth

The recent 2:0 blowout speaks enough about the map pool depths of both sides. I know, I’m exaggerating a bit here, but it’s not that far from reality so hear me out:

The only maps NiP could stand a chance against Vitality are Mirage and Train. The Frenchmen ban Train on the regular, but that still leaves enough from for NiP to opt for Mirage. In fact, I don’t understand why they wanted to play against ZywOo on Overpass. That’s was never going to work…

Vitality Vs Nip Map Pool

Map stats courtesy of

With all that in mind, the only thing we can conclude from the map pool stats is that Vitality should have a favorable third map, no matter how NiP plays the banning phase. Unfortunately, though, there’s not that big of a discrepancy in map pool depth that would allow us to go for a riskier esports special (read correct score).

Player Qualities

I think we can all agree that individual player strengths go in favor of Team Vitality. I mean, they have ZywOo, case closed! NiP has a decent roster, that has to be pointed out, but I reckon their players aren’t anywhere near ZywOo in terms of fragging potential and round-to-round contribution. That’s an outright fact that we’ll definitely use for our final Vitality vs. NiP predictions.

So, which way are we going here?

Are we going to predict an upset; are we going to side with NiP here?

Well, if ZywOo was out of the equation, and if NiP had slightly better percentages on Dust 2 or Inferno/Nuke, I reckon we could side with a riskier wager here. But, as always – ZywOo is in fine form, and his Vitality is coming into this event following a disheartening grand finals’ loss. They’ll want to come back strong and NiP should be no match.

Vitality vs. NiP Betting Predictions
Vitality to Win!

Unfortunately, -182 is the best we could find here. Vitality is the favorite side; it doesn’t take a genius to realize that. However, their superiority is reflected in the odds too. The worst thing is, I’m not sure if it’s going to be a 2:0 blowout or a three-map thriller.

That said, I really can’t point you in the right direction as far as any riskier (read correct score) bets are concerned. However, our Vitality vs. NiP predictions are the start of our ESL Pro League Season 12 betting campaign. We don’t have to go in all risky right off the bat. Let’s take our time, set the correct pace and aim for long-term profit.

That said, I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming matches!

May the odds be in your favor…

Donnie out.

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