Vitality vs. OG Betting Predictions | Flashpoint Season 3 Match Analysis

Vitality Vs OG Flashpoint S3

Hello and welcome to another one of our CSGO tips! Flashpoint Season 3 is the most interesting event right now, though tomorrow marks the start of the NA RMR equivalent CS_Summit 8. But, Flashpoint is what we’re focusing on here; more precisely the first of four elimination matches scheduled for the next two days.

Vitality vs. OG predictions is the focal point here so let’s dive right on in!

Vitality vs. OG Predictions

There’s a lot on the line here, boys and girls! First of all, it’s an elimination match. Both teams lost their opening rounds; Vitality against Double Poney, OG against Astralis. They didn’t really show much in those matches either. Neither of them took a single map, though OG went to double overtime against Astralis on Inferno.

Coming into this match, both teams are pretty level. However, CSGO bookmakers fancy OG’s chances here. The true EU team to win goes for around -159 whereas the Frenchmen sit at +130ish. It’s not that big of a difference, though, just enough to differentiate OG as the favorites.

But, what does that mean for our Vitality vs. OG picks? At the moment, not much! The odds only tell us a small portion of the story. On the bright side, we still have a great deal of information to examine so let’s start chipping away!

Recent Track Record

Vitality are in a world of trouble! They are unrecognizable. The way they’ve been playing over the last few months has been nothing but terrible. Their roster alterations didn’t yield good results. The team is still trying to find their pace in a highly competitive environment that’s swallowing them whole.

The only good result they have this year is third place in BLAST Premier Global Final.

They lost to NaVi in a match that could’ve gone either way, really. 2:1 was the final score, though Vitality ended up losing Nuke on overtime. Who knows, perhaps that Nuke heartbreak was the trigger that turned Vitality into a hot mess of a team…

But, much of the same can be said for OG too. They don’t have a single notable event to boast with… and no, we’re not counting qualifiers here as they’re not packed with quality competition. OG had roster alterations of their own. Yep, you’ve guessed it, they didn’t yield decent results either. We have two teams which are in a similar, terrible, form. But, one of them has a chance to turn a new page tomorrow.

Which teams is it going to be?

Well, if we’re going to take current RMR standings into account here, OG players will have a lot more pressure on their shoulders. Despite poor performances, Vitality have 600 points thanks to their Legend Status, and are currently tied for the first spot. OG are below the Rio Major qualification line and need every point they can get.

Map Pool Statistics

What will Team Vitality ban?

They usually go for Train, but knowing that’s a map OG have been avoiding lately could mean we’re in for a different ban phase. Vitality could end up banning Inferno seeing as they’ve failed to win on four consecutive occasions now. The Frenchmen will hope to take Mirage.

Please Note:
OG aren’t playing well on it, it could be Vitality’s chance to get into touching distance of the next round. One thing is certain, this is going to be a tight contest!

Roster Comparison

FlameZ is on fire! The 17-year-old Israeli prodigy has been nothing but superb over the last month or so. Mantuu and Aleksib are up there too, bringing forth solid contribution in key rounds. Vitality needs to prevent FlameZ from snowballing early in the match. If they can do that, they should be able to avoid relegation this round.

Why do I think so?

Well, it would be about time to see them get back to their former selves. ZywOo must be furious with the way they’ve been performing since BLAST Premier Global Finals. They need to turn things around and everything suggests OG will be on the receiving end of it.

Vitality vs. OG Betting Predictions
Vitality to Win!

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. You can check out our BetOnline review here.

I know OG are the favorites here.

They put up some sort of resistance against Astralis whereas Vitality were absolutely swept away by Double Poney. And mind you, Double Poney might have a decent roster, but they should be nowhere near good enough to throw Vitality around like that.

But, I believe that the opening-round massacre courtesy of Djoko and NBK will help Vitality to finally get a grasp on things. They needed a wake-up call and that must’ve been it!

That said, my money is on Vitality here. The map pool suggests a close encounter so feel free to test the waters with total maps over 2.5. I for one will keep things simple with this moneyline.

As always, thanks for check out our esports picks section.

Fingers crossed Vitality reach an upset tomorrow!

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