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I’m sorry, fellas! I knew it was always going to be a tight contest, but Movistar Riders just couldn’t stay focused on the decider map. It’s not a big loss, I know, but it’s still a wager I couldn’t overlook yesterday. Luckily, all we went in with was a small stake, so we shouldn’t have any issues with more CS_Summit 6 betting endeavors. A perfect opportunity is coming later today – Vitality vs. OG predictions are next on my chopping block so let’s get right to it!

Vitality vs. OG Predictions

Let’s face it – OG coming on top of group D was a massive surprise. Heck, it was a bigger surprise than Faze Clan being eliminated right from the group stage. Aleksib and the boys took NiKo’s Faze and TabseN’s BIG by surprise and are deservingly playing in the playoffs.

But, do they have more fire in their belly to defeat the second-best team in the world? Well, that’s exactly what our Vitality vs. OG predictions aim to find out!

Recent Results

OG is in one hell of a form, and I mean that in a good way. Their last seven matches show off impressive wins. Yep, a seven-match winning streak, with the last loss dating back to June 17th when they lost against NiP on BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

Vitality is not half bad either. They have just one loss in the last seven matches, and it came in the biggest match they could play. That disheartening loss against Complexity on BLAST Premier EU Spring Finals is what we’re talking about here – it’s surrounded by three consecutive wins on both ends.

One could argue that Vitality played against tougher teams. Not just played but won against them too – and we can agree the likes of Faze, NaVi, and Nip are top-tier sides. However, OG defeated BIG, North, and C0ntact, who’s known to be a tricky team to play against, so not everything is black and white here…

Map Pool Info

The map pools of both teams are pretty neck and neck. For instance, they’re within a statistical error on four maps – Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno, and Nuke. They’re averaging close to 50% of all four of them, so we’ll have to find the winner for our Vitality vs. OG picks elsewhere. As far as the other three active duty maps go, though, Vitality does have a small advantage. Overpass and Vertigo should go in their favor if they are to ban Train right off the bat like they usually do.

Roster Quality

As far as roster quality goes, I’m afraid it will skew the odds heavily in Vitality’s favor. After all, we’re talking about the second-best team in the world here, featuring the world’s best player, ZywOo. Yep – ZywOo is always a scary figure on the server, both online and on LAN events. His game sense, mechanical skills, and that godlike aim are more than enough to win rounds all on his own.

OG has a pretty solid roster, don’t get me wrong… but it relies on completely different things than Vitality. OG relies on a strong team core with plenty of experience playing in the top-tier CS:GO waters. They aren’t afraid to get down and dirty tactically, whereas Vitality (still) mostly relies on ZywOo and his ability to carry games. Mind you, the latter is a double-edged sword that’s known to bit Vitality in the ass from time to time…

Who to Bet on?

We’ve reached the very end of our Vitality vs. OG predictions. In the end, a solid -223 on Vitality is what I’m going with here. I’m well aware of the fact OG is a tricky team to beat, but I trust ZywOo and the boys will find a way to deal with them. At -223, swinging past Vitality was next to impossible!

Vitality vs. OG Betting Pick

That’s it, fellas! That’s it as far as our CS:GO betting predictions are concerned!

Thank you all for sticking till the very end…

May luck be on your side!

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