Seahawks vs. Broncos Spread Pick – Super Bowl XLVIII

The 2013/2014 NFL campaign will culminate today with Super Bowl XLVIII in New York. Much speculation and concern surrounding the weather has been made ever since it was announced to be played in New York, but it looks like the NFL has dodged a bullet, with temperatures expected to be in the 40s around game time. 40s isn’t typical Super Bowl weather mind you, but this is a dream scenario for the NFL. The Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning should be ecstatic for this weather conditions too, as the offense would have probably been hindered in poor conditions. The Broncos, however, won’t be playing against any kind of defense, they’ll be up against the Seattle Seahawks. A defense that may be able to disrupt the Broncos’ offense more than any weather pattern could have. This matchup pits the #1 offense in the NFL vs. the #1 defense, a pairing that should delight viewers on Super Bowl Sunday.

Before I begin my official writeup, I would like to take the time to say thank you to those people that have followed and supported me this season. And to the haters that doubted my picks, thank you as well. I’ll finish the season over 65% on documented plays, and I sincerely hope you guys cashed in as well and enjoyed the picks and writeups. I will be back for baseball season in just a few months, where last year I connected on 64% of my picks, again all documented. I look forward to that, but before we make it there, let’s make some money out of one more NFL pick. Please note that even though this is the Super Bowl, I am still maintaining bankroll management and only playing a small percentage of my bankroll. I expect you guys to do the same. If you have a twitter account and feel like following me in the offseason, or to find any basketball picks I may have, following me @NFLSportsGeek. Good luck to all this Sunday!

Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Betting Odds:

Seattle Seahawks +3(-110)
@Denver Broncos -3(-110)

Over 48(-110)
Under 48(-110)

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Seahawks vs. Broncos Super Bowl XLVIII Pick:

For beginners to the NFL, please note that this is not a home game for the Denver Broncos. The Super Bowl is always played at a neutral site, and in this case this year, New York. The Broncos steamrolled through the competition this season in 2013, en route to a 13-3 season. They weren’t unbeatable though, the Broncos even struggled against the Jacksonville Jaguars, so don’t think for a minute just because this is Peyton Manning they will win easy. They still may, but they have a formidable opponent on the other side. The Broncos will take their #1 rated offense to New York, where they averaged a gaudy 458 yards per game with 38 points, both tops in the league. Manning finished the season as the clear-cut best, and perhaps had the best season of any quarterback ever. Statistics will certainly reveal that much, as he passed for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns while breaking records along the way. Manning is excellent, but has a variety of weapons around him to aid his play. There are weapons all over the place in this offense, at the receiver position, the tight ends, and they are dangerous in the backfield as well. The Broncos have a perfect combination of deep-threats like Demaryius Thomas, and underneath options for Manning like Wes Welker.

The Broncos’ offense hasn’t had the pleasure of facing a defense like the Seahawks, though, nowhere near it actually. The closest quality defense they faced was the Kansas City Chiefs, and we all see what happened to them late in the season, they got exposed. The Broncos didn’t really impress me two weeks ago against a Patriots’ defense that was a MASH unit. Manning should have throttled that defense, one that had nearly all their starters watching from the sidelines. Really, after the Chiefs, what defense has really tested them? The next best was probably the Patriots or Colts. In this respect, no, the Broncos have not had to tangle with an elite defense yet this season. That will all change on Super Bowl Sunday. The Seahawks have the top-rated defense in the NFL at #1. Throughout the regular season they allowed only 273.6 yards per game and 14.4 points. Cornerback Richard Sherman talks some, but he is a guy that backs it up. He should make things tough on the Broncos today.

Another thing that is important to note is the fact that the Seahawks love to play physical and grab. It was proved that they got away with more defensive holding calls than any other team in the NFL. Great defenses will be able to get away with stuff like that. In the Super Bowl the refs should let them play, a big factor that will benefit the Seahawks. The Broncos are a timing offense, and being just slightly out of synch will disrupt their flow.

The Seahawks have a capable offense themselves. Armed with Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, they can wear any defense down. The Broncos’ defense has improved significantly in the post-season, but Von Miller’s absence against Lynch may be crucial in this matchup. The defense of the Seahawks gets all the glory, and rightfully so, but this is an offense that averages 26 points a game. Not too shabby for a team known for defense. I like the Broncos’ defense to be good, but not great. I do, however, foresee the Seahawks’ defense being great. Manning has been stymied in the past against physical defenses, like the old Patriot teams, so he could have issues in the Super Bowl today. If you can get him out of his groove, he’ll get frustrated, and then the cards come piling down in big games. This line is +2 at most shops, but Bovada is giving us a nice line of +3 on the Seahawks. I will gladly take the +3, as I see this one ending in similar fashion to the Colts/Saints Super Bowl from a few years ago.

PICK: Seahawks +3(-110)