49ers at Chiefs Super Bowl 54 AI Prediction

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  • The Sport Geek’s official AI model projects Kansas City to edge out San Francisco by 5 points
  • Chiefs hold 54% chance to win Super Bowl compared to 49ers’ 46%
  • Artificial intelligence system has been used to predict NFL games all season long

After a year of computer-based predictions and statistical analysis, the artificial intelligence system for The Sports Geek has come full circle with its pick of Super Bowl 54 being the final football projection of the 2019 NFL season.

49ers (46%) Chiefs (54%) Chiefs by 5

With all of the necessary data entered, the prediction revealed that the Chiefs hold a 54% chance to win the game, and that the algorithm believes the victory will come by a margin of 5 points when it is all said and done.

The 49ers sit at 46%, and while the game is expected to be a close one in the computerized mind of the AI model, the one-point spread that the oddsmakers have set for the game reflects that Vegas and the sports betting community expect it to be even closer.

Super Bowl 54 – San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

49ers +1 +105 54 (O-113)
Chiefs -1 -125 54 (U-107)

Just over a week ago, The Sports Geek tapped into the basketball betting sphere even further by establishing an AI model for action on the hardwood as well. This is a growing trend in both the sports and betting worlds, as more and more entities are shifting towards the use of this technology.

With a prediction now made for the big game and a practice devoted to two different sports with pro football and pro basketball respectively, the site has now set a patten that can be followed moving forward to track the model’s success rate.

In terms of the gridiron, the AI was able to hold its head above water this year with a winning percentage slightly north of 52.4%, the mark required to break even when gambling against the spread.

Sign of the Times?

While plenty of traditional sports fans and bettors may be initially skeptical of the idea, the rising trend of AI technology makes it all but inevitable that it and the world of sports betting would eventually cross paths.

While those from the gaming realms will still cite Vegas as the be-all, end-all of the industry and refuse to believe a machine, the results produced by the computer can help provide some clarity.

By showing comparative results using a vastly different method, the use of AI in sports betting could grow in popularity if some type of consistent, profitable correlation is found.

Simply put, once patrons are certain they can win money from it, they will quickly warm up to it.

Regardless of how initial reception has been or will continue to be however, it is clear that The Sports Geek plans to establish a foundation in the world of AI picks going into the future. And with the Super Bowl so close, it could be the best time of year to showcase a fresh, reputable formula.

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