St Louis Battlehawks vs DC Defenders XFL Pick – March 8

Hey, the XFL is not that bad, but the league is entering no man’s land right now, though.

I worry about that because I am really enjoying covering the games and watching these guys play with heart week after week.

I guess it doesn’t hurt either that we are winning. That’s always nice.

We have picked 7 games through the first four weeks of the regular season and won 5 of them.

We lost one game the first week of the year and then another last week when the DC Defenders got molly whopped by the Tampa Bay Vipers.


Ugh. The previous week went about as well for DC when they lost to another team with a losing record at the time in the LA Wildcats.

This time it was 39-9!

The St Louis Battlehawks, conversely, continue to look better each time they step onto the field.

Homefield has been huge for the Battlehawks as the NFL keeps on screwing over one of the best sports towns in America. St Louis said forget the glory days of the greatest show on turf!

We have the Battlehawks now!

Kurt, Marshall, Isaac… Who? Exactly. Those guys don’t matter anymore. This is Jordan Ta’amu’s team along with running back Matt Jones.

Okay, maybe they aren’t as good as Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner but the Battlehawks play hard every week and continue to improve as a unit as the season progresses.

BetOnline.AG has the odds for us this week.

Let’s get to the betting odds and predictions for the Battlehawks vs the Defenders.

Point Spread


Okay, this line was 2.5 when it came out on Monday.

That did not last through the day as sharp bettors laid down some serious cash on the Battlehawks and now the line has doubled.

5 points is a lot against a team who is 2-0 at home and their backs are against the wall after getting blown out 2 straight weeks.

2.5 is just a field goal. That would have been nice but shouldn’t the surging Hawks soar above the doubtful Defenders?

Let’s take a closer look at their statistics and trends.

  • The St Louis Battlehawks are second in the league in rushing behind the Tampa Bay Vipers who were able to just run all over the Defenders in week 4.
  • The Hawks are doing it with not only their running back Matt Jones but the man under center, Ta’amu has racked up some yardage scrambling as well.

Offensively, the statistics, much in part to the past couple of weeks, are dominated by the Hawks.

50 more yards per game on the ground and also 50 through the air for St Louis compared to the Defenders.

Defensively, they are giving up 5 points less per game as well.

The St Louis defense is giving up 30 fewer yards on the ground per game and 20 fewer through the air than DC.

There is more correlation with the Tampa Bay Vipers and the Battlehawks. T-Town is statistically the only team better on defense than St Louis.

Tampa and St Louis are #1 and #2 in both rush defense and pass defense. Tampa shut DC down last week. I don’t see how St Louis won’t have similar results. The difference between Tampa and the Battlehawks, though, is scoring.

Tampa has outgained the entire league in terms of yards but has only managed 16 points a game where the Battlehawks are nearly at 23.

Why do I keep talking about Tampa?

Well, other than the fact that the Defenders are now reminding me of my wretched Redskins, on paper Tampa is the same team at St Louis and the Vipers made it look easy less than a week ago.

I don’t think home field will matter very much. DC fans are just fine right now with the Capitals and Nationals both having won championships in recent years.

And I’m pretty sure the DC area has just given up on football at this point. The 2.5 would have been nice but I think St Louis wins by double digits on Sunday.

My Pick
St Louis Battlehawks -5

In Conclusion

I went into this with an open mind. The line doubling throughout the week made me think twice and consider the Defenders.

I mean, there’s no way they are going to get beat by 25+ points for the third straight week.

The DC Defenders were the favorite to win the XFL Championship at one point in the year. They are going to have to show me a little something more.

I watched a couple of their games and it appeared to me that they could never really establish the running game and eventually as the season progressed, teams picked up on this.

Opposing squads then shifted their focus to shutting down Cardale Jones and the passing attack and well, they did.

Several interceptions later… St Louis may be the best team in the league. I am really looking forward to them playing the Houston Roughnecks. It should tell us a lot about who can potentially win the XFL Championship.

St Louis does everything well and they have a quarterback who protects the ball as well as being a dual-threat through the air and on with his feet on the ground.

Let’s take the Hawks to cover 5 this weekend. Tune in, turn up, and bet hard right now from this article!

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