Dallas Renegades vs Los Angeles Wildcats XFL Pick – February 16

Last week, we just picked one XFL game against the spread.

It was a sweat in the first half as the DC Defenders took a little longer to get going than I expected but it was a fairly comfortable cover in the 4th by the football pride of our nation’s capital. I believe we can get another win this week.

Each of the four games on the schedule for the XFL this weekend feature teams who are 1-0 vs another 1-0 or 0-1 vs 0-1.

The Dallas Renegades weren’t expected to be sitting at 0-1 right now. In fact, they were the odds on betting favorite to win the championship just days ago.

Now, they are just 3.5 point favorites over the shoddy Los Angeles Wildcats. This was will be a home game for LA but I honestly don’t believe they will have a significant advantage if any.

LA is a basketball town these days. Who are we kidding, though? It always has been.

Wilt, Jerry West, Kareem, Magic, Shaq, Kobe… Lebron James almost seems like an afterthought. Then you watch him play…

Amazing, but unless the Ohio All-State wide receiver suits up for his home Wildcats, they’re going to have a bad time.

This game does have a bit of an unknown element attached to it and that worries me slightly.

Both teams were without their starting quarterback in week 1 and each squad will see their offensive field general return in this matchup.

I favor the Dallas Renegades a little more considering their returning quarterback is a guy who could easily be playing in the NFL right now and that’s former Pittsburgh Steelers backup Landry Jones.

The man who is named after Dallas Cowboy coaching legend Tom Landry was the first player ever to sign with the XFL.

He’s in a really good spot here, too, playing under his former college head coach at Oklahoma, Bob Stoops.

MyBookie.AG has the betting odds for us this week.

Let’s go ahead and get to the XFL betting odds and predictions for the Dallas Renegades vs the LA Wildcats.


  • Renegades -3.5 (-110)
  • Wildcats +3.5 (-110)
Total Points:

  • Over 48 (-105)
  • Under 48 (-115 )

Okay, well I guess I showed my hand in the intro. You probably wouldn’t be that surprised to see me go with the Renegades here but let’s do out homework and make sure this is a good bet.

We are lucky, though, if we do pick them, to get the (-3.5). I’ve seen it (-4.5) and higher on other betting sites.

We have to remember that the XFL front office was contacted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in September of last year when Big Ben went down with a season-ending knee injury.

What did they want? You already know! Landry Jones.

I’m not saying he is a savior-level good. He’s not Baker Mayfield… I don’t think he can just show up to camp with half a dad-bod and stache and completely change the culture of a team. Let’s hope not, at least.

Mr. Jones’s play has improved every time he has stepped out onto the field as a professional and playing under his former college coach Bob Stoops should ease the transition for the young man from New Mexico.

Okay, so we know the Renegades were the favorites at the beginning of the season so what else do they have going for them? Well, their defense didn’t play very well in week one.

The St Louis Battlehawks ran and passed the ball with efficiency racking up nearly 200 yards on the ground and through the air.

Dallas was able to hold them to 15 points, though. I think the Renegade D just got a little tired and also St Louis might be one of the best teams in the league as well. Dallas was 1/10 on 3rd down.

With the addition of Landry Jones, I can’t imagine that percentage doesn’t increase dramatically on Sunday.

Then there’s this: The Los Angeles Wildcats have already fired their defensive coordinator after week one’s embarrassing 37-17 loss to the Houston Roughnecks.

Pepper Johnson has 2 Super Bowl rings as a player and 3 more as a coach… for the New England Patriots.

I can’t think of a good enough reason to let him go after one game. I don’t care if the Roughnecks put up 50. You just don’t do that.

You know the players respected him too.

I don’t think they are going to get over this and get behind their new defensive play-caller in just several day’s time.

This impulsive behavior by the front office also suggests that nobody on the team is safe and while that may be good for motivation, in the long run, I believe things will get worse before they get better in LA.

The defense wasn’t the only pressing issue coming out of week 1 for the Cats who allowed their quarterback to be hit 10 times.

They were also 3/15 on third downs. I’m just guessing Pepper brought these facts up when someone blamed him for the loss. I don’t know what happened but it seems logical.

The Wildcats have issues and I think Dallas lights them up this week. Getting their QB back will help matters but he will likely be dealing with a hungry defensive lineman in his face all day as well.

I like the over as well here.

I might actually like it better than the point spread but 3.5 shouldn’t be a sweat at all. And I think the Renegades put up 40 on their own. Let’s just hope the Wildcats can get a couple of scores.

My Picks

In Conclusion

I really like this bet, guys. It seems too good to be true and while that does happen often in the big leagues, I think we can still consistently beat the books in the XFL for now.

The Renegades could very well be the betting favorites to win the XFL Championship in another couple of weeks.

Week one was just a feeling-out process. Now they have their man at QB and hopefully head coach Bob Stoops is confident and happy with Landry Jones under center.

The LA Wildcats should see an improvement on offense with the season and league debut of their hired arm, Josh Johnson.

Their offensive line and defensive backfield are both highly questionable, though, and I see Johnson facing constant pressure along with Landry and Bob lighting them up.

I love the nearly even money on the over 48 points. No, Dallas did not score very much in week one but they have their guy now at QB, LA did give up 37 last week, AND they have a brand new defensive coordinator.

Over and cover for the Dallas Renegades in week two!

Mike Pruitt / Author

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