420 MLB Parlay Bet – $100 pays $420

What better way for baseball fans to honor 420 then to throw down a nice, fat MLB bet paying out $420?

Put down the bong for a minute and listen up, as we have put together a nice baseball parlay today with 4.20 odds – meaning a $100 bet will pay out $420, or for the smaller bettors a $1 bet will pay out $4.20. Guaranteed winner? We think so too!

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In the first game we have the Los Angeles Dodgers in Cincinnati to take on the Reds.  Chad Billingsley will take the mound for the Dodgers, while the Reds send Home Bailey to the mound.  Now the Dodgers are a solid team of course, but any team without their star player is obviously in a little bit of trouble.  We all know Manny Ramirez is a big fan of pot, and being 420 will have smoked himself stupid by game time and will most likely forget he has a game to play tonight.  I like the Reds in tonight’s match up.

In the second game the red hot Tampa Bay Rays take on the Chicago White Sox.  David Price will be on the mound for the Rays, and Chicago sends John Danks to pitch tonight.  Rumor has it that Rays pitcher likes to smoke a fat joint before each game, and it has seemed to work for him, as he posts a 2-0 record with an excellent 2.45 ERA on the season.  The Rays team has made sure to bring along some “bomb kush” for the road trip, meaning Price should be flying high tonight for a third straight victory.

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**Disclaimer – This post was written for fun and should not be taken seriously**

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