Alexander Gribkov vs. Viktor Ivanov Pick – Moscow Liga Pro April 12, 2020

It’s hard to get a clear picture on what the coronavirus situation is like in Moscow, but there has reportedly been a large influx of patients at hospitals recently. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the table tennis schedule in Russia. It’s the ultimate social distance sport, with players more than 2 meters apart. However, if the situation gets out of control in Moscow, it’d be hard to envision the Moscow Liga Pro continuing.

Then again, their neighbours in Belarus seem to just be ignoring the whole situation, so we’ll have to see what happens. The good news is that the Czech Republic and Ukraine seem to have things under control. Czechia in particular are looking strong and want to slowly reopen the country soon.

So, if you’re worried about the table tennis fun ending in Russia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine are likely staying put. We were able to cash a winner on Anatoly Trushkin on Saturday, as he got behind in the first set, but poured it on after the slip up to win in four sets. That was a nice win on Trushkin, as he took advantage of an opponent that let his guard down after winning easily in the first set.

That’s essentially the name of the game when it comes to table tennis. Whoever can keep their composure and avoid a mental lapse is usually the winner. However, there’s still players who are purely more talented than others. Some players in the Liga Pro have no business playing professional table tennis, and are just there as walking mats for the better players. However, we get into the average to good players, a lot of success comes down to focus.

If you want to check out some bad players, I highly recommend watching the Setka Cup. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good players who would mop the floor with me, but there are also really awful guys who would struggle to win at the local YMCA. They would lose horribly in Russia. The Liga Pro is a much higher ranking league. Head below for our free Alexander Gribkov vs. Viktor Ivanov pick in the Moscow Liga Pro for April 12, 2020.

Alexander Gribkov vs. Viktor Ivanov Moscow Liga Pro Betting Odds:


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  • Gribkov +110
  • Ivanov -150
Total Points:

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Alexander Gribkov vs.Viktor Ivanov Prediction:

Viktor Ivanov seeks to beat Alexander Gribkov for the third time in his career. They’ve only played three times, with Ivanov winning two matches, while Gribkov is a winner in one. Ivanov won two matches on Friday, while Gribkov responded with a 3-1 win yesterday. Gribkov won the first two sets, and Ivanov was able to avoid the sweep with a win in the third set. However, it was only delaying a loss.

In their meeting prior to that, Gribkov had Ivanov on the ropes and ready to sweep in straight sets. He won 11-7, 11-4, though Ivanov turned around to win the next three for an impressive comeback. Gribkov came close, though, in the fourth set as he lost 12-10. So, Gribkov could easily have two wins over Ivanov at this point, but he allowed a win to get away from him.

Ivanov is coming off a brutal day on Saturday, as he went 2-6 which included that loss against Gribkov. He opened the day 0-3 and was able to stabilize a bit, but still didn’t leave the table with a good taste in his mouth. I profited off Ivanov earlier in the season. That goes for Gribkov as well.

Gribkov has gone 4-4 in his past eight matches. He can be better than .500 and should be able to have a better day on Sunday. In any event, I think he stands a better chance of winning than the odds indicate. This looks like it should be along the lines of -120 for both players. Ivanov at -150 looks steep. I’d go with the better value and back Gribkov.


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