Alexey Yanshaev vs. Vitaly Bazilevsky Pick – Moscow Liga Pro March 30, 2020

We have a couple of table tennis picks on Monday at The Sports Geek. Depending on where you are in the world, this match could start at any time. If you’re in the EST time zone, this is scheduled for an early Monday morning matchup in Russia. Along with Russia, you can find table tennis action in the Ukraine and Czech Republic as well.

We’ve covered all three bases during the coronavirus outbreak, and will continue to search for winners at the table tennis tables. We’re 5-1 heading into Monday and hope to add to the obscure sport bankroll today. If this is your first time betting on table tennis, you’re going to be in for a crazy ride.

As ridiculous as betting on table tennis sounds, it’s actually fairly exciting. Events don’t take 3 or 4 hours to be completed and the action is fast. In less than 30 minutes, and sometimes earlier, you’ll know if you have a winning bet or not. That can be good and bad news, though. If you’re somebody who can control themselves at a blackjack table and not go overboard in a cold spell, then table tennis could be a dangerous proposition.

You could make the argument that could be the same for horse racing in events that take just minutes to complete, less than 10 seconds when it comes to quarter horse racing, but there aren’t hundreds of races on a card. With table tennis, there are unlimited options available on the board. Conversely, though, if you can control yourself, table tennis can be an ATM, though.

The sizable sample size makes table tennis an attractive option. Instead of forcing a play with limited bets available, you can search through the card and find something you’re comfortable with. Nothing is automatic in gambling, but it does provide handicappers with more of a fighting chance when you can be more selective.

Being selective doesn’t mean betting every match on the card. Alexey Yanshaev is back in action following an earlier match against Viktor Ivanov. Following that performance, Yanshaev will return to face Vitaly Bazilevsky an hour later. Head below for our free Moscow Liga Pro pick featuring Alexey Yanshaev vs. Vitaly Bazilevsky.

Alexey Yanshaev vs. Vitaly Bazilevsky Moscow Liga Pro Betting Odds:


  • OFF
  • OFF

  • Yanshaev (+145)
  • Bazilevsky (-205)
Total Points:

  • OFF
  • OFF


Alexey Yanshaev vs. Vitaly Bazilevsky Moscow Liga Pro Prediction:

This is the second pick of the day with Alexey Yanshaev featured. Keep in mind that table tennis players will play multiple matches per day. If you see a name come up more than once, it’s not a type. Instead it’s the nature of table tennis. For instance, Saturday saw some players in seven matches in one day. Table tennis lends itself to being able to play that many matches a day. It requires incredible skill to be among the best players, but long breaks aren’t needed. We’re hoping on the Yanshaev fade train for the second time today.

Yanshaev has an even tougher battle on his hands in his second match of the day against Bazilevsky. This is the second match of the day for both players, with Bazilevsky in an earlier match against Yuriy Merkushin. The price is way too steep for my liking in that one, but he should win that bout as well. However, you can get a better price on Bazilevsky an hour later at a cheaper price versus an opponent he should beat as well. Yansheav enters Monday having won just five out of his last 12 matches. He tends to do most of his damage against weak opponents, but struggle mightily versus average and good players.

He is likely to run into issues against Bazilevsky who is fairly capable. Bazilevsky and Yanshaev have played eight times and Bazilevsky has won seven matches. In their latest meeting, which came on December 21, Bazilevsky downed Yanshaev in five sets. Prior to that match, Bazilevsky got the win over Yanshaev in straight sets.

Bazilevsky is on a five-match winning streak over Yanshaev and that should continue Monday. In their previous 18 sets played, Bazilevsky has torched Yanshaev for 15 wins to just 3 for Yanshaev. Their last meeting was the first time that Yanshaev avoided losing in straight sets or 3-1 in six matches against Baszilevsky. This looks like another difficult test for Yanshaev, and Bazilevsky likely gets the better of him once again.


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