Anatoly Trushkin vs. Dmitrii Redenkov Pick – Moscow Liga Pro March 29, 2020

We’re back at the tables on Sunday morning, as we search for a table tennis winner. The last time we were betting on table tennis, we took a split, which marked the first table tennis loss of the year. Despite a losing selection, we’re in the black with a record of 4-1. We weren’t going to have a 100% winning percentage with our table tennis picks, so the undefeated run was fun while it lasted. I will take a split any day over a loss, of course, though. It’s time to try and get back on a table tennis winning streak Sunday. I don’t think I’d ever think I would be talking about a winning streak for table tennis, but life can take a turn at any point when you least expect it.

There will be a day where some normalcy is restored and it’s back to handicapping the North American sports, but until then, we can still search for some winners and build a bankroll for that day. That includes tennis table matches where there are going to be opportunities to cash some tickets. Table tennis is not the most popular sport in North America by any means, but out east it’s a staple sport. China takes it very seriously and it’s like the NBA to them. The China Super League is the most competitive table tennis league in the world. Japan and South Korea both have some quality players as well.

To a lesser degree, Russia is a table tennis country. They have a professional league and routinely host tournaments. That includes the Ukraine and the Czech Republic, who are all currently in the midst of play in their countries. Table tennis is the ultimate social distancing sport, with not much personnel needed at the events, so they’ve been able to pull it off without much disruption. If a stay-at-home order is issued in Russia, then that’s certainly going to be the disruption that puts an end to our table tennis betting fun in Russia, at least. Anatoly Trushkin and Dmitrii Redenkov will get us started on Sunday. Head below for our free Moscow Liga Pro pick on March 29, 2020.

Anatoly Trushkin vs. Dmitrii Redenkov Moscow Liga Pro Betting Odds:


  • Trushkin -1.5 (-120)
  • Redenkov +1.5 (-120)

  • Trushkin (-250)
  • Redenkov (+175)
Total Points:

  • Over 73.5 (-120)
  • Under 73.5 (-120)


Anatoly Trushkin vs. Dmitrii Redenkov Moscow Liga Pro Prediction:

Anatoly Trushkin is coming off an okay day on Saturday, as he split his four matches with two wins and two losses. He was on a five-match winning streak going into Saturday, so he was due for an adequate day. In any event, Trushkin has still been impressive with a record of 7-2 in his last nine competitions. Dating back to March 15, Trushkin has gone 10-5 in 15 matches at the table.

All in all, Trushkin is a fairly average competitor when he has to play more talented table tennis players. He can win as an underdog here and there, but mostly hasn’t been able to find enough consistency to be among the best in the Moscow Liga Pro. I wouldn’t feel too confident backing him when he has to go up against the best in Moscow, but that’s definitely not the competitor he will be facing on Sunday. Dmitrii Redenkov likely isn’t going to pose a serious threat to Trushkin, who has not had success against him in recent meetings in March.

Trushkin is 4-1 against Redenkov, with his only defeat coming in their first match on September 25, 2019. Since then, Trushkin has been the far better player and is on a four-match winning streak over Redenkov going into Sunday. They have played three times since March 15, the most recent yesterday, with Trushkin winning all three rather easily.

Redenkov played seven matches on Saturday, and was able to return to form after a shaky start in the day. He ended up winning three matches in a row, though still didn’t know how to shake Trushkin. If you’re looking for an early Sunday winner at the tables, Truhskin looks like a decent option. Bovada has an unlimited table tennis betting menu if you’re looking for a reliable online bookie to make your table tennis bets.


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