Best Super Bowl Betting Site

If you are trying to find the best place to bet on this Sunday’s Super Bowl 44 between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints you have come to the right place.

I, and the whole team have been betting on football (and other sports) at many different online sports betting sites for many years now. I have experienced some great sports betting sites, as well as some not so good. I am creating this guide to help less experience bettors find the absolute best Super Bowl betting site!

Being one of the most popular online sports betting portals on the net we have exclusive deals worked out at the best sportsbooks, which will give our visitors special FREE MONEY bonuses when they are signing up for a betting account.  Follow the links in our reviews below to sign up and you will receive free bonus money when you create your account and make a deposit to bet on the Super Bowl.

Best Super Bowl Betting Sites:

1) – Sportsbook is one of the biggest online sports betting sites in the world, and it is pretty clear why.  Getting your money onto sportsbook is easy, and it is just as easy getting your winnings back into your bank account, with the great banking options available to members.  There are over 300 different bets you can make on the Super Bowl at Sportsbook, which gives you a good oppurtunity for a big profit.  When you sign up through our links you will receive a 50% bonus on your first deposit, up to $250 free. >>Click Here To Visit

2) – Another very popular sports betting site is Bodog.  Known for their super fast payouts, Bodog has become very popular in the sports betting industry.  Bodog is a large company, that not only does online gaming, but is also in the entertainment industry (Bodog Fight).  Bodog has a great first deposit bonus which is 10% of your deposit, but up to $1000 FREE.  Bodog also has just a ton of different options for betting on Super Bowl 44. >>Click Here To Visit

3) – Our favorite Super Bowl betting site for prop bets.  5Dimes, one of the industries top rated sportsbooks, offers the best odds out there on Super Bowl prop bets.  My favorite prop bet on the Super Bowl is the coin toss, where both Heads and Tails are paying out almost even money at -101. >>Click Here To Visit

Trust me when I say this, you will want to bet on Super Bowl 44 at one of the sportsbooks we have listed above!  Make sure you click on the links we provided to visit the site in order to receive the exclusive deposit bonuses listed.

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