David Reitspies vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov Pick – Czech TT Star Series March 31, 2020

Another day of table tennis betting at The Sports Geek, as we attempt to respond after coming up empty on Monday. It was the first time that we were unable to stay even or build the table tennis betting bankroll, but still feeling good with a total win rate of 5-3. We hope that the major sports will trickle back to the forefront of our attention soon, but in the meantime table tennis handicapping will have to do.

The NHL and NBA are scrambling to try and put something together to salvage their seasons. The NBA is being the most creative league, as they are currently interested in resuming the season in Las Vegas. All teams would remain in Las Vegas and play out a tournament there, along with the playoffs in the same location. Jay Williams recently said that it should be played on a cruise ship. Wait, what? I’m not even going to touch that.

The Las Vegas idea is intriguing, though. Adam Silver has wanted to implement in-season tournaments even before the coronavirus hit, so this would be the perfect test track for the league. Now, this is all predicated around what happens with the virus. If the spread and rates of infection aren’t slowing down by the end of April and into May, then it’s within reason that the NBA and NHL will get canned.

They’re going to run out of track going into next season. It’s certainly possible to postpone the start of next season, but anything over a month and they may run into some issues. The logistics of restarting the NBA is going to be easier than the NHL. There are far more personnel on an NHL team, and having a quick tournament would likely work out better for basketball than hockey. In any event, there are a lot of unknowns at the moment.

What we do know is that the table tennis tables in Russia and the Czech Republic are open for business. The fact that they’re offering line softens the blow of having none of the main sports to bet. We were just getting started with the AFL and unfortunately was only able to make one play, which fortunately was a win. Table tennis has been fairly friendly to us, though. You can’t ask for much more on an obscure sport. Head below for our free David Reitspies vs. Dmtrij Prokopcov pick in the Czech TT Star Series on March 31, 2020.

David Reitspies vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov TT Star Series Betting Odds:


  • OFF
  • OFF

  • Reitspies (-140)
  • Propopcov (+110)
Total Points:

  • OFF
  • OFF


David Reitspies vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov Czech TT Star Series Prediction:

David Reitspies and Dmitrij Prokopcov both have three fixtures on the docket today. This will be their second contest of the day at approximately 4:45 a.m. EST. If you’re an insomniac, you really have to like all of the table tennis being offered overnight. Most sportsbooks are upping their table tennis offerings in the wake of sports leagues shutting down around the world. It sounds a bit degenerate to bet on table tennis, but considering where we’re at right now, I’d say that ping pong matches are not the most degenerate options on offer. People are betting on simulated Madden and 2K, so that might take the cake.

Reitspies has been on an okay run since March 27 with six wins in ten matches. He was on a massive tear winning 9-1 sets before hitting a bit of a bump. When you’re locked in at the table, it can be tough for somebody to know you off the pedestal. His opponent on Tuesday, Prokopcov, had a nice win against Jan Valenta to finish off the day yesterday, but it was a victory that salvaged an otherwise average day for Prokopcov. He beat who he was supposed to beat, and lost to who he was expected to falter against. Prokopcov has gone 6-5 in his previous 11 outings for a rather average stretch.

One of his losses came against Reitspies on March 27 in straight sets. Prokopcov was non-competitive in the meeting, as he was tripped up 12-10, 11-7, and 11-4. There just wasn’t much motivation to mount a comeback once the third set arrived. Propkopcov returned the favour in their next meeting slightly, but needed five sets to do it. Note that Reitspies has won two out of three matches against him, and has won six out of nine sets versus Prokopcov. I’d look for Reitspies to get the win on Monday in his second match of the day.


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