DC Defenders vs Seattle Dragons XFL Pick – February 8

I’m really excited, guys!

Yes, the UFC is heating up. Conor McGregor has stated he wants to fight 3 or maybe even 4 times this year.Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will attempt to break the tie later this month. There’s even talk of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather fighting again or one of the two fighting McGregor.

After the Astros disgusted fans everywhere, the MLB will have some ground to make up.

The NBA season is great but not without a wait as the regular season will continue throughout the Spring.

And with the Super Bowl just concluding, I think this is the perfect time for the XFL to make its debut.

There are tons of rule changes but they aren’t as confusing as you might think and player safety shouldn’t be compromised. There is also a more strict player conduct policy where felons will not be allowed on the field.

I’m with that for sure and in an even more surprising move, the use of marijuana will not only be allowed but encouraged.

Good for them. I won’t dive too deeply into this but it has been shown in some studies to be a neuroprotectant for your brain against concussions and CTE.

There’s also the fact that it isn’t synthetic heroin-like oxycontin.

Progressing to our pick for this week, I wanted to hit this game between the DC “Don’t call us the Washington” Defenders versus the Russell Wilson-less Seattle Dragons.

The Defenders look very strong while the Dragon’s head coach, Jim Zorn, who ironically used to coach the Washington Deadskins has admitted that his team will be out-matched athletically in most of their games this season.

Today’s betting odds are brought to us by the folks over at BetOnline.AG.

Let’s get to the betting odds and picks for the DC Defenders vs Seattle Dragons.

DC Defenders -7.5 (-115) vs Seattle Dragons +7.5 (-105)

Unfortunately, there is no over/under for this one or any of the games this weekend.

The football sportsbooks are about as clueless as we are and in all honesty, it’s probably a good idea we stay away from such wagers.

This betting line was at 7 points. I would have loved to have jumped on that but I still feel pretty confident the Defenders are going to cruise.

Let’s look at the key players first, though, and make a more confident prediction. We, of course, don’t have the luxury of statistics.

DC will be at home playing at Audi Field where the MLS DC United call home.

I’m good friends with one of their superfans and even attended a game there once and let me tell you, they are intense.

Will it be the same atmosphere for game one of an XFL contest? Probably not but home-field advantage should still play a role.

I don’t know if it counts for 3 points as it normally does in an NFL game but on paper, DC appears to be the much better team.

We haven’t got to see how these squads play as a unit and coaching success will not necessarily be based on prior success but more so on fluidity, open-mindedness, and adjusting to the rules.

Former Ohio State national champion winner Cardale Jones isn’t a guy on his last leg coming in here as a seasoned vet to lead.

I believe he will be a difference-maker on offense for the DC Defenders. Jones would love to make his way back into the NFL.

He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills but remained third-string behind two Virginia boys Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel who are both solid players under center.

Then he went to the Chargers while Philip Rivers still didn’t suck then made his way to Seattle Seahawks and, of course, wasn’t going to get the nod over another VA-born leader in Russell Wilson.

Yes, I’m from Virginia as well.

Jones is a big boy at 6’5” 250 and ran a 4.6 at the combine.

The NFL has shifted slightly to a more mobile quarterback leading the way a la Wilson, Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson so I’m sure Cardale will be locked and loaded come Saturday in hopes of impressing scouts.

As for the Dragons, they just don’t have the talent to match DC.

That doesn’t mean they can’t win but I would cap this one at (-10.5) for the Defenders, and that gives us the margin we need to pull the trigger.

I love the DC linebacking core and their receivers have plenty of experience and even some numbers in the big league.

The only reason the line is at (7.5) is because it’s the first week of the season.

If these two were to play week two after we have seen the difference in the level of play, it may even be a two-touchdown spread.

Dc should roll!

My Pick

In Conclusion

Yes, it’s just week one of a brand new league.

Nobody knows what’s going to happen exactly. Think about all of the parody in the NFL and the average final score not exceeding 7 points.

And that’s with years of analytics from the most intelligent mathematicians, the best athletes in the world and millions… and millions of the Rock’s fans, I mean dollars paid to each player.

The Defenders could very well win the title, they are playing at home, and Seattle’s head coach has already made an excuse for his team’s play before the first game.

Also, the Washington DC fans have mostly lost faith in the Dan Snyder-run ramshackle mess that are the Redskins.

The Caps and, of course, the Nats have provided enough juice, though, that the city has some hope for another title.

Let’s just start with week one and it will tell us a lot moving forward.

Until then, take the Defenders with the points.

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