Dmitry Kolesnikov vs. Aleksandr Volkov Pick – Russia Pro League April 9, 2020

It’s more Russian table tennis time, as we search for a winner on Thursday morning. Gambling is gambling, and table tennis might be a better option than online table games or slots for some people. The live dealer blackjack and roulette is pretty neat, which I will dabble in from time to time, but I still like being able to handicap a match. You can still do that with table tennis.

It’s not like there’s a wealth of information available like in a major sport, so naturally, it might be a bit trickier. In any event, for the entertainment value and recreational bets, table tennis is enough to provide a fix. There’s far more trying issues going on right now than professional sports. But in the meantime, table tennis and a few other sports can offer a small distraction.

With only so few matches taking place in the Belarusian Premier League, table tennis is the No. 1 sport to bet on right now. According to William Hill in Nevada, table tennis is by far the most popular sport to wager on. At offshore sportsbooks, the simulated games have been taking off recently, with plenty of people betting on Madden and 2K sim games.

If you think a bad beat is frustrating with real players, wait until a glitch or stupid decisions by the AI gives you a bad beat. That said, it’s all relative and bad beats are impossible to avoid whether it’s the Super Bowl or the Browns vs. Jets simulated on Madden. Yes, you are going to have bad beats in table tennis as well.

Just wait until the player you’re betting on wins the first two sets easily and then disappears for the rest of the competition and loses 3-2. Fortunately, I’ve only been on the opposite side of that thus far, and haven’t really suffered a bad beat. I’m still up above water with a record of 13-11 at table tennis.

With the juice, I’m slightly down at the moment, but 24 bets into my table tennis betting career, I’m feeling confident that I will be up in the summer. I’m not looking to get rich. Bankroll management is of the utmost importance. Online sportsbooks are banking on you losing control and betting every match available, and there are a lot. If you can avoid doing that, you’ll have fun with the table tennis betting. Head below for our free Dmitry Kolesnikov vs. Aleksandr Volkov pick in the Russia Pro League on April 9, 2020.

Dmitry Kolesnikov vs. Aleksandr Volkov Russia Pro League Betting Odds:


  • OFF
  • OFF

  • Kolesnikov -175
  • Volkov +125
Total Points:

  • Over 74.5 (-125)
  • Under 74.5 (-125)


Dmitry Kolesnikov vs. Aleksandr Volkov Prediction:

This isn’t the first time that Aleksandr Volkov has made his way into one of our writeups. We have already faded Volkov twice and won in both instances. Igor Smirnov and Alexander Gribkov were both able to knock off Volkov and turn a profit for us. Volkov is one of the more average players you’re going to find in Russia. He has predictably struggled against superior opponents and made a living out of beating the guys who are a little less talented. Like for instance, Volkov is -425 over Alexander Petrov today.

There are a lot of really bad in the Russia Pro League who essentially just show up everyday to be a walking mat for the opposition. No, you are not going to get an affordable price against those guys. If you like paying -2000 or more than be my guest. Your best bet is to use them in a parlay if you must.

Volkov heads into Thursday with some nice momentum, though, so perhaps he can keep it going? He is a winner in five straight matches, which typically isn’t the case for him. The last loss for Volkov came on April 7 against his opponent in this match, Dmitry Kolesnikov. Kolesnikov took care of business in straight sets, as was dominant winning 11-2, 11-9, 11-4. Volkov didn’t match up well against Kolesnikov in that outing.

It was the fifth straight win for Kolesnikov over Volkov. Kolesnikov has been the better player by a large margin in the last week. Overall, Kolesnikov is 7-2 against Volkov in their careers. I think this may turn into a closer match than we saw in their last meeting, with Kolesnikov winning in a romp. However, this still looks like a win for Kolesnikov on Thursday.


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