Igor Smirnov vs. Aleksandr Volkov Pick – Russia Pro League April 5, 2020

There is a host of table tennis options between the Pro League in Russia and Setka Cup in Ukraine on Sunday. The Czech TT Star Series will be off for a few days before they get going again. If this is your first time betting on table tennis, then keep in mind that these matches are typically done in 20 minutes.

It isn’t like regular tennis where there is time spent between each serve. In table tennis, it’s meant to be fast and only take seconds between each sequence. That’s great if you don’t have the patience to wait hours to see the outcome of each bet. If you’re more of a casino player that likes more of an instant fix, I think table tennis will be in your lane.

Matches typically begin early in the mornings and continue throughout the day. Russia is the most popular country for table tennis at the moment. There’s more matches in Russia than any other league in the world right now. It’s definitely not the most talented league.

You’ll have to wait for China and South Korea to begin their seasons if you want to find the best players in the world. The top players in Russia would find it next to impossible to compete in Asia. It’s like comparing a lower level European hockey league to the NHL in North America. In any event, let’s be thankful that there is still table tennis available to wager on.

If you want to go to the lowest denominator available at the moment, then you can bet on the Setka Cup in Ukraine. There are some players in the Sekta Cup that are ready to hang up the table tennis paddle. That said, it doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to win some bets. It can’t be worse than betting on cockroach racing, which apparently is a thing in Australia, so there’s that.

We’re in Russia on Sunday morning hoping to find a winner. This is an early Sunday morning match scheduled for 5 a.m. EST. Igor Smirnov and Aleksandr Volkov will meet for the second time in their careers on Sunday, the first of which was yesterday on Saturday. Head below for our free Igor Smirnov vs. Aleksandr Volkov pick in the Russia Pro League.

Igor Smirnov vs. Aleksandr Volkov Russia Pro League Betting Odds:


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  • Smirnov -170
  • Volkov +120
Total Points:

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Igor Smirnov vs. Aleksandr Volkov Prediction:

Igor Smirnov needed just three sets to defeat Aleksandr Volkov in their first meeting yesterday. He made it look easy and will be looking to prevent Volkov from winning a set once again. Smirnov had four matches on Saturday and won three for a productive day at the office. His only loss came against Alexander Gribkov in four sets.

Despite the loss for Smirnov, he has been one of the most consistent recently. Smirnov has gone 9-2 in his previous 11 matches, so he has some momentum going into Sunday. One of those wins was the outing against Volkov on Saturday. Meanwhile in Volkov’s previous 10 matches, he’s gone 4-6 with a blowout loss against Smirnov.

Even dating back to two weeks ago, Volkov is a hit and miss player that has been unable to develop a rhythm. Two straight wins for Volkov is about his max. Once he reaches that plateau, he seems to lay off and lose that third match.

Volkov has appeared to pick on weaker opponents, but struggle when he’s in a match against superior competition. Smirnov would certainly qualify as superior to Volkov. In fact, he’s a superior table tennis player to most in the Russia Pro League. I think he should be around -220 over Volkov here, so there appears to be a bit of value on Smirnov to win on Sunday morning.


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