Jamel Herring vs Shakur Stevenson Boxing Betting Pick and Analysis

Shakur Stevenson is taking on Jamel Herring for his WBO Super Featherweight Title this Saturday, October 23rd at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Stevenson is looking for double WBO Titles, adding to his current place at the top of the WBO featherweight division. 

The champion Herring is an underdog for their twelve round bout. We’re taking a close look at the odds, stats and props to analyze your best placed bet on fight night. It’s champion versus champion for the super featherweight belt!

Herring vs Stevenson Odds

Fighter Money lines and payout per dollar  Over/Under 11 1/2
Jamel Herring (C) +550, $5.50 O   -180, $0.56
Shakur Stevenson -900, $0.11 U  +158, $1.58

Herring pays out five times your money despite being the reigning champion. Stevenson’s undefeated status and youth make him an easy favorite. The over/under prop bets don’t show narrow odds until the 11th round, with most analysts predicting a decision. 

If you’re betting Shakur, consider a parlay.

The under prop pays decent, especially given four total stoppages over their last ten bouts. However Herring is difficult to finish, and with the reach advantage he should be able to survive in the worst case scenario. 

Prop Bets Available

Prop Bet Odds
Fight Goes to Decision -170
Fight Doesn’t Go to Decision +150
Herring Inside the Distance +1500
Stevenson Inside the Distance  +160

I you believe in Herrings ability, fifteen times your money is no small sum. Stevenson’s KO percentage is higher, and +160 pays out far better than his eleven cents per dollar wagered moneyline. 

The fight goes to decision prop pays out at 0.59 per dollar wager. With a late round TKO unlikely, that feels like the right bet for tentative gamblers looking to stay away from parlaying a Stevenson win. Stevenson would only be the second boxer ever to finish Herring, though many analysts are predicting this bout is the end of Herring’s boxing success. 

Tale of the Tape

Jamel Herring Shakur Stevenson
Age 35 24
Height 5’10’’ 5’7’’
Reach 72” 68”
Total Fights 25 16
Record 23-2 16-0
Knockouts 11 8
Stance Southpaw  Southpaw


152 93
Inactivity  200 Days  130 Days

Weight class

Super Feather Feather

Super Feather

Jamel is taller with a four inch reach advantage over the challenger. Shakur has a 50% knockout ratio. Herring and Stevenson are both southpaw fighters, and we should see more exchanging as a result. Both have been active this year. Shakur coming in eleven years younger matters from a conditioning perspective, but he’s also taken far less lifetime damage than the champ.

Shakur fights at feather, and is small enough that the cut to super feather isn’t any trouble. Shakur’s 93 career rounds include two twelve rounders that went the distance and two first round TKOs. 

Jamel Herring’s Record, Style, and Strategy

Herring is defending his title for the sixth time after defeating Carl Frampton and the undefeated Lamont Roach. 

Jamel Herring’s Title Bouts

Herring took the title from John Vincent Moralde in 2018. Both of Herring’s career losses were prior to that, losing a unanimous decision to 13-1 Ladarius Miller in 2017 and getting knocked out in the tenth by Denis Shafikov in 2016. 

Herring defeated Frampton via TKO in the sixth in his most impressive title defense to date. His decision win over Masayuki Ito was also an upset, coming in at +240 against the 25-1 Ito. Ito had just TKO’d 20-0 Evgeny Chuparakov the year prior. Herring has a history of ending the hype train. 

Jamel Herring’s Punch Stats and Style

In his last bout over Framton, Herring out punched frampton 66 to 39 before the sixth round stoppage. He landed eleven jabs, and was more than willing to feel out the first round before finding his pace in the fifth. 

Herring fought the much younger Lamont Roach in a twelve round decision that showed him outpointing Roach round after round. Roach had seven KOs coming into the 2019 bout, and Herring beat him 117 on two scorecards. 

Herring’s hand speed has never been a strong suit. His left hand does the majority of the work on the inside, though he will on occasion pick shots from range. Herring won’t waste energy moving away from Shakur again and again. He prefers to deal with punches on the inside, boxing fighters as they change position. 

Shakur Stevenson’s Record, Style, and Strategy

Shakur has defeated every boxer in his path, winning the interum WBO title by defeating Jeremia Nakathila over 12 rounds. Nakathila was downed in round four, and the unanimous decision had no score card action for Jeremia. 

Shakur Stevenson’s Record

Shakur defeated Felix Caraballo and Alberto Guevara by knockout over his last six bouts. His decision win over Joet Gonzalez is his most impressive win, making him the current WBO Featherweight Champion. Shakur has never been the underdog in any bouts since his fight with Robeisy Ramirez in 2016 Olympic Games where Ramirez won a split decision gold medal. Stevenson has defeated multiple boxers with high levels of experience, however still occasionally fights boxers like Alberto Guevara, who is a good boxer but simply not in the world rankings. Guevara is currently inactive. 

Shakur Stevenson’s Punch Stats

Over Taka Kahn Clary, Stevenson landed 151 punches of 514, demonstrating extraordinary accuracy and volume. Clary landed only nine percent of his punches than night. He made similar work of Jeremiah Nakathila. 

Plenty of fighters have trouble hitting Stevenson at all. 

How do Stevenson’s and Herring’s Boxing Styles Match Up?

Herring isn’t a puncher that throws into the four and five hundred punch volume in every fight. He’s happy to pick his shots and fight a smart fight for the majority of bouts. However, when he goes up against the right fighters, Herring will use body shots to slow down head movement. 

Herring is a game competitor, but he’s slowed down over the last few fights. Stevenson has a clear speed advantage. Herring’s body shots put a number of boxers to the canvas. Herring also had the speed disadvantage against Frampton, who he downed with a jab. Herring’s ability to pick the right shot at the right time is uncanny, and his experience makes up for his loss in speed. 

Final Boxing Betting Pick for Stevenson vs Herring

Jamel is an excellent champion. He’s a master at cutting weight, and towers over the majority of super featherweights, and will still have serious reach on Stevenson. Stevenson’s speed and punching volume are going to give him the edge in this one. At some point, being crafty isn’t enough versus young up and comers. 

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