Kimbo Slice Ultimate Fighter 10 Odds

As you have probably heard Kimbo Slice is set to participate in the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter Season 10.  Kimbo Slice, who has always been criticized by UFC president Dana White for being a poor MMA fighter, has a shot to shut White and other critics up by winning a UFC contract through “TUF” Season 10.  Odds have been posted by on whether or not Kimbo Slice will make the finals of the Ultimate Fighter 10 to fight for a UFC contract, and they are in favor of him NOT making the Ultimate Fighter 10 finals.

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Kimbo Slice Ultimate Fighter 10 Odds:

Will Kimbo Slice make the Finals (final 2 fighters) of The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale?
Yes +275
No -350

For those of you who don’t understand the betting odds above I will try to make it simple.  If you placed a $100 bet on “Yes” (Kimbo does make the finals of TUF 10)  with +275 odds it would pay out $375 if he indeed did make the finals.  If you wanted to bet on “No” it would take a $350 bet to win $100, or a $100 bet would pay out $129 with the -350 betting odds.

230+ pounder Kimbo Slice will be among the 16 heavy weight MMA fighters that will battle it out for a six figure UFC contract on The Ultimate Fighter Season 10.  Taping for season 10 is set to begin sometime in June 2009 and is scheduled to air on TV in September of 2009.  Asking Kimbo Slice to participate in The Ultimate Fighter 10 was an excellent marketing decision by Dana White, as the TV ratings for the show will probably easily set Ultimate Fighter records.

With the odds listed for Kimbo Slice not to make the finals in the Ultimate Fighter 10 show set at +275 I will defiantly be placing a bet.  I think Kimbo Slice will be training very hard to win and I am predicting he wins the whole Ultimate Fighter 10 show.  Check out other UFC Betting odds for upcoming events. You can place bets on Kimbo Slice in the Ultimate Fighter 10 at

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