Konstantin Klimenko vs. Alexander Leonenko Pick – Setka Cup May 24, 2020

We added to our win total on Saturday morning with another table tennis winner. The winning selection on Aleksey Grimovskiy brings our all-time table tennis record to 39-24 and 6-0 in the Setka Cup. Not too bad at all. Grimovskiy had to fight in that contest to get the win, erasing a 2-1 deficit to win 3-2 in a fifth set. He was the clear winner in the fifth set, though, as Grimovskiy, or Oleksii Hrymovskiy, won by a score of 11-5 in the final set of the match. That was a nice comeback to give us our 39th table tennis winner since the sports lockdown in North America.

The key to success at table tennis betting is to maintain proper bankroll management. That goes for every sport or any form of gambling for that matter, but it’s especially true in table tennis when there are hundreds of options everyday to wager on. The degenerate in people has them betting random matches all day. However, if you can shortlist some matches and avoid chasing, you’re going to be in good shape. I have seen some shady happenings in the Moscow Liga Pro, so just try and avoid that all together. Between the Sekta Cup and Czech TT Star Series, there are more than enough opportunities to find spots.

At the very earliest, sports will not resume in North America until July. The NHL recently had a player vote and they’re taking their discussions to the next step. It’s almost June, so don’t expect playoff hockey in early July. If they are going to do it, it’s going to be closer to mid-July to late July. That will certainly push back the start of next year. That’s a given. Meanwhile, the NBA is in talks with Disney to hold the NBA playoffs at their facilities. It’s not perfect, but nothing can be perfect given the circumstances. Disney owns ESPN, and they like to do nothing but highlight the NBA, so it’d be a good match in that sense.

We have an early Sunday morning pick in the Setka Cup on Sunday. Alexander Leonenko (Oleksandr Leonenko) will take on Konstantin Klimenko (Kostiantyn Klymenko) for the third time in their Setka Cup careers today. Depending on which sportsbook you use, the spelling might be different. The match is scheduled for 6:20 a.m. EST, so get your bets in before the cutoff time. The Setka Cup is better than the other tournaments in actually playing at the scheduled time. Head below for our free Konstantin Klimenko vs. Alexander Leonenko pick for May 24, 2020 in the Setka Cup.

Konstantin Klimenko vs. Alexander Leonenko Setka Cup Table Tennis Betting Odds:


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  • Klimenko (+149)
  • Leonenko (-179)
Total Points:

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Konstantin Klimenko vs. Alexander Leonenko Prediction:

Konstatin Klimenko and Alexander Leonenko have placed twice in the past. In both instances, Leonenko took care of business and won rather easily. He won in straight sets on May 20 in their most recent clash. Leonenko won 11-6, 11-9, 11-9 for a relatively easy day at the office. Prior to that match, Leonenko and Klimenko met on May 18. Klimemko was able to put up a better fight in that one, but it was more of the same, with Leoneko getting out with a win. He won 3-1 by a score of 11-7, 1-11, 11-6, 11-8. Other than that one lopsided set, Klimenko has been severely outmatched against Leonenko.

Leonenko heads into Sunday with a record of 12-7 in his previous 19 matches. That’s relatively average, but he has found a way to exploit Klimenko. There is typically a reason for some players having a lot of success over some others even though they might be average overall. That could be because their opponent has no concept on how to defend a particular serve that they’re offering, or the successful player just finds a weakness that they found. Leonenko has seemed to find something in Klimenko that has allowed him to go 6-1 in their previous seven sets. Leonenko will likely have to work for a win here unlike his sweep over Klimenko, but he should be good for another win.


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