Konstantin Moroz vs. Aleksandr Kovalchuk Pick – Setka Cup May 29, 2020

The one thing that remains constant during the Covid-19 pandemic is the amount of table tennis that is available to bet on. That hasn’t changed at all. And it feels as time goes on, we continue to have more table tennis options. Russia is open for business regardless of what’s going on there with Covid-19, so the Liga Pro is going full speed ahead.

Other obscure sports leagues are playing too, despite the KHL shutting down a long time ago. You can find amateur/semi-pro hockey, tennis, egaming, table tennis, volleyball, soccer, and more in Russia. I’ve watched a bit of it, and it looks like it’s only in operation for gambling. Be careful betting on some of those matches. Don’t get too upset if you lose in the most bizarre of ways.

You kind of have to expect that to happen, but just a warning that it can be a bad beat city. Over in Ukraine, Covid-19 is under control, according to reports there anyway. The Setka Cup, TT Cup, and Win Cup continues on in Ukraine. I’ve only bet on the Setka Cup in Ukraine and it’s been a huge success. With another win on Igor Tyrdukh on Wednesday, our Setka Cup record stands at 8-1 going into Friday. Overall, across the Liga Pro, Czech TT Star Series, and Challenger Series, we’re at 41-26 in table tennis.

The most success has been in the Setka Cup and Czech TT Star Series. On the opposite end, the Challenger Series in Germany has not gone well, as we’re 0-2 in that tournament. Maybe I’ll go back to that tournament soon, but the prices are usually out of control with no value. It’s either a blowout or coin flip. As long as the Setka Cup keeps going well, though, I’m likely not going back to that tournament.

As a whole, the prices that sportsbooks are offering aren’t the best when it comes to table tennis. Favorites can be overpriced and underdogs underpriced. You just have to live with it and have fun with some recreational bets. While I’ve made money with a record of 41-26 in table tennis, I’m still treating it as nothing serious. That said, let’s try to find another table tennis winner in Ukraine on Friday. Head below for our free Setka Cup pick for Konstantin Moroz vs. Aleksandr Kovalchuk on May 29, 2020. This match is scheduled for 9:35 a.m. EST.

Konstantin Moroz vs. Aleksandr Kovalchuk Setka Cup Table Tennis Betting Odds:


  • OFF
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  • Moroz (+145)
  • Kovalchuk (-205)
Total Points:

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Konstantin Moroz vs. Aleksandr Kovalchuk Prediction:

Konstantin Moroz and Aleksandr Kolvachuk will meet for the third time in their careers on Friday, either in the afternoon or morning, depending where you are located. Kovalchuk made easy work of Moroz in their first meeting, as he won in straight sets by a score of 11-8, 11-4, 11-9. Kovalchuk had to fight for a win in their next battle, but ultimately got out of it with a victory in the final set. He won easily in the last set, as Kovalchuk took over control and won 11-5. In their previous eight sets played, Kovalchuk has won 6-2.

Overall in the Setka Cup, Kovalchuk heads into Friday with plenty of momentum. He has won six of his previous seven matches for a record of 6-1. Dating back to May 19, Kovalchuk has been hot with a record of 20-6. Since May 12, he’s gone 42-16 so he’s been playing quite well and seeing the ball well at the tables. Conversely, Moroz has been cold since May 11, with a record of 22-36. That sounds like a struggle for Moroz. However, he did win his last three matches of the day on Wednesday. Look for Kovalchuk to nab the hat-trick over Moroz on Friday with his third straight win.


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