March Madness Bracket Prediction West Region

The West Region for the 2010 March Madness tournament may be the hardest bracket to predict.  In my opinion Syracuse is the #1 seed that is least likely to make it out of their region and into the Final Four in Indianapolis.  Along with Syracuse, I have three different teams that I could put in the Final Four.  As tough as bracket the West Region was to fill out, I made it look like I didn’t put much thought into it, with a lot of lower seed teams advancing.  This wasn’t because I was undecided and just advanced the lower seed team… I have done an in depth analysis on each match up (like I do with every region) and that’s is just the way this West Region came out.

West Region March Madness Champions – Kansas State

Reasoning – Kansas State is a solid team, being the second best team coming out of the strong Big 12 conference.  From Kansas State’s 7 losses on the season 3 of them came from the the number one team in the nation in the Kansas Jayhawks.  Kansas State had impressive wins over Oklahoma State and Baylor in their Big 12 tournament, before eventually falling to the Jayhawks in the Big 12 championship game. Of any #2 seed I think Kansas State has the least tough road to the Elite Eight.

I have Kansas State playing North Texas, BYU, and Pittsburgh, who I think they will get by without too much problems.  The biggest game will be against what I project is going to be Syracuse.  Syracuse in my eyes are a very, very solid team, but I don’t think they have what it takes to get it done in a tournament format.  The Wildcats match up well with Syracuse and I think they would win if it came down to that match up. I can’t see the Wildcats (or anyone other West Region team) win a Final Four March Madness game though.

Other March Madness West Region Notes – I had a really tough time deciding between Pittsburgh and Xavier.  I think Xavier has a very good team, and a chance to beat Pittsburgh, but I have Pittsburgh coming out on top in a very close game in the second round.  I think UTEP has a chance of the upset against Butler as well in the 5 vs 12 game.