Mikhail Kovalev vs. Igor Tukh Pick – Liga Pro Moscow Open March 23, 2020

Another one bites the dust in the sports world, as the Australia Rules Football league suspended their season until the end of May at the earliest. We made one AFL bet and that was a successful wager, so we’re going to be at a 100% winning percentage for a while. The Australia A-League and NRL are still trying to press forward, though they may have to act now that the largest league in Australia is suspending operations.

West Coast’s 78-51 win might be the last game in the AFL for the foreseeable future. It isn’t all bad news, though. Leagues in Asia are starting to get back into the swing of things. Baseball and Basketball in South Korea, along with the CBA in China are in the process of putting together a plan to get their leagues up and running soon. I’ve been betting on international sports for years now, so this hasn’t been anything new to me.

The KBO League, South Korean baseball, are currently playing their preseason, so we’ll be covering that as soon as the first pitch is thrown in the regular season. That is not an obscure sports league, as it’s one of the best baseball leagues in the world. Major League Baseball, the Nippon Professional League in Japan, and KBO are the three biggest baseball leagues in the world. The KBO is playing preseason games, and the NPL is in the process of putting together practice games, so we’ll soon have reputable leagues to handicap.

Before we get to that point, the sports landscape isn’t completely barron. If you’re a late night action junkie, you are likely familiar with table tennis betting. There are usually hundreds of matches scheduled most days around the world, and even in the midst of a pandemic, there are still unlimited options for betting. The Liga Pro FNTR Moscow Open is currently the biggest tennis table event playing their matches. I bet you were waiting until you saw table tennis betting picks available at The Sports Geek.

I will say that table tennis provides an immense sample size of games to select from. That means oddsmakers cannot possibly keep up with everything, and it provides us with an opportunity to go through countless matches to find something we like. That’s not to say I’m betting the house on table tennis, but there are opportunities available. It’s a fast paced sport that might be more entertaining to some who don’t care for traditional tennis. The same goes for badminton, as the action does not slow down. We have a Moscow Open selection for Monday morning to get your week started. Head below for our free Mikhail Kovalev vs. Igor Tukh pick for March 23, 2020 in the Liga Pro Moscow Open.

Mikhail Kovalev vs. Igor Tukh Liga Pro Moscow Open Betting Odds:


  • Kovalev -1.5 (+110)
  • Tukh +1.5 (-150)

  • Kovalev (-190)
  • Tukh (+150)
Total Points:

  • Over 74.5 (-110)
  • Under 74.5 (-110)


Mikhail Kovalev vs. Igor Tuhk Prediction:

Russia is home to some pretty good table tennis players, with Kirill Skachkov ranked 66th in the Olympic rankings. They have miles to go if they want to compete with China, who have the four top tennis table players in the world. Table tennis is a huge sport in China compared to the rest of the world, so catching up likely isn’t happening in our lifetime. Mikhail Kovalev and Igor Tukh will meet early Monday morning in Moscow.

Kovalev and Tukh have played three times in the past, with their most recent match taking place on January 7. Kovalev was able to get the win in four sets after dropping the first set, and rallying to top Tukh 11-8, 11-7, and 14-12 after a lifeless performance in set 1 to lose 11-5. Table tennis is a best-of-five sets.

Kovalev paid the price for being a slow starter on December 27 against Tukh, though. He lost 11-2 in the first set and never recovered to lose in three sets. Kovalev and Tuhk played two matches that day, with Kovalev winning the first contest in three sets, though. I think Kovalev might have taken Tukh a little too lightly after he cruised to a win in their first match.

He lost a heated battle that saw the match go to five sets in his most recent outing on March 19. It was a close match throughout, with Kovalev losing the final set by a score of 11-6 to take the loss. The good news is that Kovalev always seems to respond with a strong showing following a loss. It’s like clockwork with him. Whenever he loses, Kovalev always goes back to the drawing board and gets better for the next match.

The last time Kovalev has lost two matches in a row was in late January, which was more than 20 matches ago. In his previous six losses, Kovalev bounced back for wins in each match thereafter. We should expect to see Kovalev return strong against an opponent that he’s already beaten twice recently. Since February 24, Tukh has gone 4-7 in his matches. Conversely, Kovalev has been better with a record of 8-5 for a solid mark during that same time. I’m with Kovalev to win and get his third win in four matches over Tukh on Monday in Moscow.


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