Oleg Kutuzov vs. Sergey Maksakov Pick – Moscow Liga Pro May 4, 2020

The CPBL might have the day off on Monday, but table tennis doesn’t have off days. Especially the Moscow Liga Pro, which always seems to have a full slate of matches throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening. Along with Russia, there’s also matches from the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, and Armenia available.

There aren’t as many Brazilian and Armenian matches, but they’re out there if you look hard enough. Most sportsbooks offer Russia, Ukraine, and Czech Republic table tennis, which should be sufficient enough to quench your betting thirst. The last time we attacked the table tennis card, we took a split in the Liga Pro. That brings our combined record on the season to 28-18.

We could be better than 28-18, but not going to complain with that mark. Our one selection the other day didn’t even try, as Alexander Gribkov took a beating. The one variable that is impossible to handicap in table tennis is motivation. These guys are playing multiple matches a day and it’s hard to stay focused and motivated for every game.

When it comes to normal sports betting on major sports it can be a bit easier to identify teams that might be motivated versus the less motivated. It’s not an exact science like a statistical barometer, but you can generally work out motivation levels.

Having said that, you can take an educated guess based on recent results. If a typically solid player just starts losing left and right, you have to start believing that motivation and focus has to be behind it to an extent. That’s especially true right now with the coronavirus. There might be guys who just don’t care as much as they normally would.

This match is scheduled for around 4:30 a.m. EST give or take. Depending on matches beforehand, they can begin a little later occasionally. I’ve had a couple get moved up because of earlier matches getting cancelled as well. Head below for our free Oleg Kutuzov vs. Sergey Maksakov pick in the Moscow Liga Pro for May 4, 2020.

Oleg Kutuzov vs. Sergey Maksakov Moscow Liga Pro Betting Odds:


  • Ermilov OFF
  • Kutuzov OFF

  • Kutuzov (-250)
  • Maksakov (+175)
Total Points:

  • Over 73.5 (-115)
  • Under 73.5 (-115)


Oleg Kutuzov vs. Sergey Maksakov Prediction:

Oleg Kutuzov hopes to roll right along on Monday after finding plenty of success yesterday. Kutuzov played eight matches and went 7-1. The only match he lost was the opener against Menshikov, and it was a near loss by a score of 3-2 with the final set 12-10. After that match, though, Kutuzov absolutely steamrolled the competition for seven straight wins, and they weren’t even close competitions. Kutusov beat all of his opponents in four sets or less, with a win in straight sets in his previous two outings. Since losing, Kutuzov has gone 21 sets won to 5 sets lost.

He enters today winning eight straight sets. If he’s focused on performing again Monday, he shouldn’t face any issues against Sergey Maksakov. Along with the recent run, Kutuzov has gone 20-6 in his previous 26 matches for a terrific run at the tables. Sergey Maksakov has been a recent addition to the Moscow Liga Pro.

He started playing on Saturday and has seen mixed results thus far. Maksakov opened with a loss against Ilya Novikov, 3-1, and then was able to stabilize with a couple of wins. Overall, Maksakov has gone 4-4 thus far in the Liga Pro in Russia. Kutuzov and Maksakov played yesterday, with Kutuzov winning without any problems. He lost the first set, but took full control thereafter.

Kutuzov won the next three sets 11-6, 11-7, 11-8 for the 3-1 set victory. He dominated by winning 68% of service points, and ultimately ended up winning by a combined score of 41-32. If Kutuzov cares to beat Maksakov again, he should be able to do that on Monday. The implied win percentage of a -250 favorite is around 70%, though Kutuzov has won 88% of his matches at this price.


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