Savannah Marshall vs Lolita Muzeya Boxing PIck and Betting Analysis

Savannah Marshall faces off against #1 Zimbabwe Champion Lolita Muzeya in a women’s middleweight bout on Saturday night for Marshall’s WBO Middleweight Champion belt.

Marshal has finished her last five opponents with ease, but Lolita has a better finishing percentage than any of the fighters Marshall has faced. Marshall should win this fight, but we’ll be looking into the stats, odds, and fight history to pick our best bet that can get us well above the Savannah Marshall moneyline. 


Savannah Marshall vs Lolita Muzeya Odds and Props:

Fighter Money lines and payout per dollar  Over/Under 3 1/2
Savannah Marshall -4000, $0.03 O   -120, $0.83
Lolita Muzeya +1400, $14 U  -110, $0.91

Marshall’s  three cents payout is obvious considering her record and skill. We’ll be looking for the right prop bet to capitalize off this knockout artist. 

The under 3 ½ rounds prop pays out at $0.91 per dollar wagered, and given Marshall’s history of finishing opponents in the first three rounds, it’s a sensible bet. She has six knockouts that fall into the under 3 ½ rounds prop. Two of her knockouts took place in round five and round seven. 

Her last decision was the fight with Yanina Orozco, a 4-0 Argintinian who’s now inactive at 5-2. It’s clear that Savannah has evolved as a boxer over the last few years, and I’m more confident in her knockout ability than ever. 

Other Prop Bets Available

Prop Bet Odds
Fight Goes to Decision +450
Fight Doesn’t Go to Decision -714
Marshall TKO -714
Marshall Decision Win +450

Riskier prop bets include Marshall decision wins and decision props. The fight going to decision prop pays as much as Marshall’s decision win, so It’s insurance against any Lolita upsets. 

The -714 Marshall by TKO prop pays $0.14 per dollar wagered, quadruple her moneyline payout. 

Tale of the Tape for Marshall vs Muzeya

Savannah Marshall Lolita Muzeya
Age 30 30
Height 5’11’’ NA
Reach NA NA
Total Fights 10 16
Record 10-0 16-0
Knockouts 8 8
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 


39 67
Inactivity  189 Days  260 Days 

Weight class

Middleweight Welterweight

Little is known about Lolita Muzeya, and it’s no easy task to find accurate stats or even a tale of the tape from her past bouts. 

Both fighters have been active this year. Muzeya is moving up in weight, but is one of the taller opponent’s Savannah has faced, dwarfing the majority of her Zimbabian welterweight opponents. 

Savannah Marshall Record, Style, and Strategy 

Savannah Marshalls Last Five Bouts

Opponent  Maria Lindberg Hannah Rankin Ashleigh Curry Daniele Bastieri  Borislava Goranova 
Opponent TKOs 10 2 1 2 0
Outcome KO Round 3 WIn KO Round 7 WIn KO Round 3  WIn KO Round 5 Win KO Round 1 WIn

Maria had knocked out a number of fighters but it was immediately clear she was outclassed by Marshall. None of these fighters had a decent fight for her. This makes me concerned. It’s not always good for a fighter to face virtually no adversity for several fights in a row. 

Marshall vs Orozco

Marshall’s last decision was against Yanina Orozco. This girl took a beating and just kept coming. In addition, this was a two minute round fight. She took Marshall’s shots and exchanged in a way many fighters could not. She was knocked down in the second round, but couldn’t do it  again. Orozco wrote the blueprint for any lesser boxer hoping to go the distance with Marshall. Be able to trade shots with her, move through the jab, and press into the center ring. 

Lolita Muzeya Record, Style, and Strategy

Only one of Lolita’s fights have tape. It’s difficult to find training footage for Lolita, however her record shows a dominant display in her last five. Her 

Lolita Muzeya’s Last Five Bouts 

Opponent  Happy Daudi  Emily Kabwalo Asha Ngedere Ruth Chisale Joice Awino 
Opponent KOs/TKOs 4 1 2 6 6
Outcome Round 1 TKO Win Round 2 TKO Win Round 1 TKO  Win Unanimous Decision Win Round 1 TKO Win

Lolita is moving up from welter to middleweight to take the fight against Marshall, but several of her opponent’s are even smaller than that, including a few light and super lightweight fighters. 

In her last five Ruth Chisale has the most experience, and fought her to an eight round decision with two minute rounds. The Marshall fight will also include two minute rounds, giving us another reason to believe in a decision or at least an over 3 ½ round prop. 

Earlier in her career around 2016, Lolita fought one fighter three times in a row, Anisha Basheel. She’s also fought Agness Mtimaukeneana twice, knocking her out both times. It’s clear that there is a smaller pool of athletes for her to work with, and much of her ring experience will account for little against Savannah. 

How do Marshall and Muzeya Styles Match Up?

Marshall likes to snap a jab from low hands and rip hooks to the body. Muzeya likes a high, classic boxing guard with one-two combos over the top of the gloves. I do think that Muzeya has the ability to catch the untested chin of Marshall. 

Marshall’s ability to finish inside two minute rounds is uncanny. However, I can imagine that lankier fighters will give her trouble. Muzeya is nearly Marshall’s height, and this will pose unique problems for Marshall that we just haven’t seen her deal with yet. 

I can imagine a long fight between these two. If Lolita doesn’t fade into the ropes, we could see another Oriozco like performance. 

My Final Pick for Savannah Marshall vs Lolita Muzeya

I’m looking forward to this unique test for Marshall. A lanky power puncher is the experience she needs on the long road to a hyped Clarrisa Shields fight that we’re all waiting for. 

I went 2-2 on last weekend’s Fury vs Wilder 3 main card, and I’m studying even more tape for this weekend’s events! In the meantime, leave a comment below if you have a question or suggestion and check out our boxing betting guides.


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