Picks Buffet Review

Famous sports bettor scammer “John Morrison” is back with the Picks Buffet Sports Betting System.

Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this.

When I first heard about this I thought it was the real deal.  Morrison (which is actually a completely fake name) will sign up for a number of different handicapper services and will email out the most popular plays of the day.  Sounds great, right?

Well unfortunately there are many flaws with his system…

He provides daily records, but doesn’t take into account that often you will be betting favorites up to -200 or higher on the moneyline with the MLB picks.  So having a winning record doesn’t necessarily mean you are winning money.

He is also known to be a big scammer that fixes his system records, and completely makes up past records that can’t be verified.

In the past people have signed up only to stop receiving picks, but continue to be billed for months and months.

After you sign up for Picks Buffet you will not receive access to all of the picks.  They will ask you to upgrade to the VIP account, and they will ask you how much you can afford to pay if you can’t afford the upgrade price.  They just want more money from you.

If you just look at the Picks Buffet sales page you will see how big of a joke “John Morrison” is.  Just take a look at the picture of the Man Purse filled with what looks to be photoshopped fake cash.

Oh, and the fake picture of himself on the website have changed over the years.

Do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from his mailing list.  I hope this review of Picks Buffet has helped saved you some money.



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