Super Bowl MVP Prop Betting Predictions

Sunday February 7th, 2010 the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints will be on the big stage, battling it out for this year’s Super Bowl title.  Both teams, led by maybe the best quarterbacks in the NFL in Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, finished the season a top their conferences.  The Saints started the year off 13-0, before falling to the Cowboys at home to ruin their undefeated season bid, while the Colts gave up their undefeated season when they chose to rest their starters for the postseason in Week 16 while they were a perfect 14-0.  Tomorrow only one team will be crowned Super Bowl champion, and it promises to be a very exciting game.

One of the most popular prop bets for the Super Bowl is always who will be crowned Super Bowl MVP.  This year should be interesting as two of the best Quarterbacks in the league square off.  Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are favorites for the Super Bowl MVP award, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of them were named MVP as 5 of the last 10 Super Bowl MVPs have been a quarterback. Below I have listed the Super Bowl MVP betting odds, as well as my personal predictions of who to bet on.

Super Bowl MVP Prop Betting Odds:

Peyton Manning (-200)
Drew Brees (+300)
Joseph Addai (+800)
Pierre Thomas (+800)
Reggie Wayne (+1000)
Marques Colston (+1200)
Dallas Clark (+1200)
Reggie Bush (+1500)
Pierre Garcon (+1500)
Austin Collie (+1800)

Super Bowl MVP Prop Betting Predictions:

Bet On – Drew Brees at +300 – If the Saints win the game there is a good chance that Drew Brees will have thrown 3 or 4 TD passes for a lot of yards.  Brees has shown all year he is for real, and his final test will be Sunday night.  Drew Brees should be able to pick apart this Colts defense in the passing game like he has done to teams all season.  A $100 bet on Brees to win the MVP honors would pay out $400.

Long Shot – Reggie Bush or Pierre Garcon at +1500 – These are my two long shot picks for Super Bowl 44.  Both players are explosive players that can make plays.  Bush can turn a screen into a 60 yard touchdown, or take a punt return to the house like we’ve seen many times.  Garcon was the leading receiver in the Colts AFC confernce win last week with 151 yards, and could very well be a main target for Manning again this week. A $100 bet on either player would pay out $1600.

Stay Away From – Peyton Manning  at -200 – The odds on Manning to win the Super Bowl MVP are WAY too low to bet on at -200.  If you want to bet on Manning to win the MVP why not just throw a bet on the Colts on the money line at -180, that way even if one of the receivers get the award you still win.

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