Tomas Konecny vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov Pick – Czech TT Star Series April 3, 2020

We took a split Thursday morning with a win on Tregler and loss on Konency. It was the third time this season that Tregler came through for us and the first time that Konency didn’t. It was a nice effort by David Reitspies to defeat Konency. All three will be back at the tables on Friday. They play table tennis fulltime and there aren’t many breaks for players.

It’s usually an everyday job with multiple matches per day. Players are paid by the win, so it’s especially important that they are winning. The other way to earn money playing table tennis is by throwing matches, but that doesn’t get invites to some of the big tournaments where they have a chance at advancing their careers.

With little to wager on these days, table tennis is at the forefront of what sportsbooks are offering. You’ll likely see table tennis featured on the front page of your online betting site. Table tennis has always been offered online. As long as I’ve been doing this, table tennis has been available for betting with a wide array of options.

So, even before the coronavirus was shutting down sports, table tennis wasn’t an invisible sport in the betting world. If no one was betting on it, then it wouldn’t be offered. Table tennis is widely wagered in Asian countries and parts of Europe, so despite it not being popular in North America, where most of readers are based from, it’s not a degenerate bet in some nations.

After the split on Thursday, our table tennis betting success rate stands at 8 wins against 6 losses. That gives us a slight profit when calculating the juice. It’s not a bad spot to be in. If you can turn a profit at any sport, regardless of if it’s the NFL or an obscure event, then you’re not in a position to complain.

It would be nice to hit something like the bettor in Nevada did with a $10,000 win on a $50.00 ten-team parlay, though. We have another Konecny match for you in the Czech TT Star Series. Head below for our free Tomas Konecny vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov pick for April 3, 2020.

Tomas Konency vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov Czech TT Star Series Betting Odds:


  • OFF
  • OFF

  • Konency -199
  • Prokopcov +159
Total Points:

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Tomas Konency vs. Dmitrij Prokopcov Czech TT Star Series Prediction:

Tomas Konency didn’t play like we were expecting versus David Reitspies on Thursday morning. However, it was a good match by Reitspies, as he got the win in four sets. Despite the loss, Konecny was able to respond for a win over Antonin Gavlas. Konecny took a split on the day with two losses and two wins. His other win came against Jakub Kleprlik. Konecny is typically a player who wins more than he loses per day. Four matches usually equates to a record of 3-1 for Konency.

Even though he didn’t have a winning day Thursday, Konecny was a winner in each of his previous two days. He’s usually a winner more often than not. Konency is 9-3 in his previous 12 outings. So, other than the two losses Thursday, Konecnyy has lost only one other match since March 31. Dmitrij Prokopcov has a recent win over Konecny on March 30 and beat him on March 27 as well. Konecny won their first meeting on March 23, but Prokopcov came back with two spirited efforts to get the edge. Having said that, Konency is still the better player, and will likely have more wins over Prokopcov as the sample size gets larger.

Prokopcov is coming off three losses in four matches on Thursday. His lone win came against Miroslav Horejsi in straight sets. Horejsi is another player in this league that can be spotty, like Prokopcov. In Prokopcov’s past seven matches he’s gone 2-5. Dating back to March 27, Prokopcov has gone 5-9 in his previous 14 matches. His performances against Konecny have been strong recently, but expect that to change on Friday. Look for Konecny to figure Prokopcov out and show who the better table tennis player is in this match.


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