WWE Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Pick – Money in the Bank – May 10

A fatal four-way tag team matchup will go down this Sunday night at WWE’s Money in the Bank promotion, as the recently crowned New Day team of Kofi Kingston and the Big E will defend their belts against three worthy adversaries.

We’ve seen a lot of tag-team competition on the Smackdown brand in recent weeks, usually with the New Day coming out on top while also receiving a big push in the overall storylines. That said, Kofi and the Big E have been together for a long time now, and recent rumors surrounding the two seem like a split could be imminent. Will it happen at this Sunday night’s PPV, or can the dynamic duo retain their titles.

It certainly won’t be easy against three solid tag teams in the Lucha House Party, the skilled Miz & Morrison duo, and the new entries to the division – the Forgotten Sons. What makes this bout so intriguing is that there is value spread across the four teams, and it truly wouldn’t be a surprise to see any of these four teams walk away with the titles when all is said and done on Sunday evening.

With sports resuming slowly but surely, there is still a void in terms of real-life action to bet on. The WWE certainly provides that, and although there is an element of script embedded within the competition, it doesn’t mean there isn’t betting value to be had. Keep reading on beneath the posted odds for this matchup, as we isolate our top selection to leave Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV with the SmackDown Tag Team titles around their waists.

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match Betting Odds:

The New Day (+100)
Miz & Morrison (+125)
The Forgotten Sons (+250)
Lucha House Party (+500)

*For the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

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Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match Pick:

This matchup should provide plenty of excitement and quality fighting. All eight members partaking will surely bring a unique flair to the combat on Sunday evening. Between Kofi Kingston of the New Day, and the talented Lucha House Party – there should be some high-flying maneuvers unleashed as these teams compete for the titles.

The New Day recently reclaimed the belts from Miz & Morrison, and though there is talent and great mic skills with both the Miz and Morrison, a quick reversal of the belts back to them wouldn’t really fit with the storyline. Miz and Morrison play the cocky role of heels perfectly, and it’s clear they do not need to be the champs in order to draw attention.


The Forgotten Sons are an intriguing case, as they very likely represent the future of the tag-team division. They’re big and athletic, have great gimmicks, and both members can hold their own on the microphone. They are coming off of a surprising victory against the New Day last week on SmackDown, but to win the belts on a PPV would be a tad shocking. The duo has potential, but right now the betting here is that they are just too green to carry the belts. Watch them going forward, however.

For the Lucha House Party, while their inclusion in this fight is a must, there is a reason they have the longest odds entering Sunday’s action. They make for exciting fighters and can pull off good moves, but as we’ve seen with many international WWE stars, without the microphone skills – it makes it tough to be a champion. That said, their performances in recent weeks have been stellar, with many taking notices. This duo will make this match exciting and should be a real challenge for Kofi Kingston and the Big E of New Day.

And while ruling out the remaining three teams only leaves us with the favourite, that is okay because the value still rests firmly with them. It makes little sense to swap titles here, and the New Day are clear fan favourites with a gimmick that drives ratings and makes the fans smile. They just won the belts at WrestleMania, and an immediate change would be odd. The Forgotten Sons are likely the future, but it’s just too soon to see that duo steal the belts in front of an empty arena. Expect the WWE to put on an engaging fight, and ultimately one in which the veteran tag team of the New Day comes out victorious.

My Pick
The New Day
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