WWE Wrestlemania 36 – Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan Pick

Two technically-gifted and exciting fighters will square off this weekend at WrestleMania 36 for the right to leave the WWE’s Performance Center with the coveted Intercontinental Championship wrapped around their waists.

It was a bit of a shocker when Sami Zayn captured the title just over a month ago, but he’s done well to carry that mantle. He’s been an entertaining heel, and he is certainly athletic. His in-ring maneuvering remains some of the best in the business, and though it remains a tad odd that he continues to essentially be ‘managed’ by the arguably more talented Shinsuke Nakamura, that’s a discussion for another day.

This weekend will represent his first singles match against one of the best in the business, Daniel Bryan – who earned the right to take on Zayn at Wrestlemania because of his friend and teammate, Drew Gulak’s, qualifying victory over the aforementioned Nakamura. Expect to see both the fighters and their supports at ringside for this showdown.

With little separating these two fighters, and a match that could seemingly proceed in any direction, this should be one many fight fans are looking forward to. The combined athleticism of both Zayn and Bryan, combined with the skills and entertainment value of Gulak and Nakamura offer a lot of different match possibilities. To hear them, as well as a fight breakdown and betting selection, read on beneath the posted odds and enjoy WrestleMania 36!

Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan Betting Odds:

Sami Zayn (-200)
Daniel Bryan (+150)

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Sami Zayn vs. Daniel Bryan Pick:

This could well just be one of the best fights of this strange WrestleMania card. The talent Zayn and Bryan both possess is immense, and when you add in the fact that they continue to duel over the Intercontinental title, it adds another layer of intrigue.

Sami Zayn has the potential to be a star in this business. That was apparent from when he first entered the WWE, and though they have admittedly miscast and misused him – it’s clear that Zayn is a good champion and this is a well-deserved accolade from the WWE. He is also just over a month into his title reign, and seeing things change hands right now doesn’t make the most sense in terms of a narrative.

Like Bryan, Zayn too is quite popular amongst fans within the WWE Universe. And though he is currently playing a perfect ‘heel’ role, many do still want to see the villain come out on top – even if that means defeating Bryan.

Daniel Bryan has had many great moments in the WWE, including at WrestleMania events. For Zayn, he has yet to have a big moment, or a signature victory, and this could arguably be his biggest win to date.

It won’t be easy as promoters and writers surely won’t want to have a star like Daniel Bryan squashed, so I could see this match instead producing a bit of a turn resulting in one of the bigger shocks from the entire card.


Daniel Bryan has a great relationship with Drew Gulak. The two are great friends and possess great chemistry. In the weeks leading up to this event, Bryan has had to undeniably rely on Gulak quite a bit to overcome Zayn and his posse, the Artist Collective. It’s fair to suggest that without Gulak, Bryan wouldn’t be at WrestleMania fighting Zayn for the title – and expect Gulak to make that known this weekend.

Gulak has always worked well as a ‘heel’ in his wrestling career thus far, and is in big need of a ‘pop’ in the months following WrestleMania. Expect the WWE leadership to put him in a position to succeed, and what I see envisioning is Gulak finally turning his back on his friend Daniel Bryan, allowing Zayn to retain his title belt. Gulak would seem envious and bitter, and this would set up an exciting feud in the coming months, perhaps culminating at SummerSlam in August.

Gulak and Bryan are excellent wrestlers and would put on a heck of a show, there’s no doubt there. And in a WrestleMania card that currently seems like all the good guys/crowd favorites are likely going to leave victorious – there does have to be some sort of a shocker, and this match could provide that. It’s too early for Zayn to lose the title, and don’t be surprised if Bryan endures some trouble from his own corner this weekend.

My Pick
Sami Zayn
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