WWE Wrestlemania 36 – Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens Pick

Although it might be disappointing to most that this year’s WrestleMania will take place mostly at the WWE’s Performance Center, it certainly will be a familiar spot for two combatants in particular, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins.

Both of these wrestlers have steadily risen through the ranks, once plying their trade at the Performance Center. It will surely be a full-circle moment for both of these stellar performers, and if their build-up is any indication, Owens vs. Rollins will produce some fireworks and at least a couple of ‘can’t miss’ moments this weekend.

The two are immensely familiar with one another, and that in-ring understanding should lead to a technically-gifted match. Much of the lead-up to this weekend’s encounter has surrounded Seth Rollins continually poking fun at Kevin Owens’ poor WrestleMania record, often stating that he’s ‘one big failure.’ It will be interesting to see if Owens can shift the narrative in Orlando. As always, read on beneath the posted odds from BetOnline for a full match breakdown and analysis. Enjoy the fights, folks!

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens Betting Odds:

Kevin Owens (-230)
Seth Rollins (+160)

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Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens Pick:

This Rollins/Owens feud stems back a few months, and it’s quite likely that WrestleMania 36 closes the book on their entertaining chapter.

Way back in November at Survivor Series, Rollins openly blamed Owens’ for his team’s failure, and after countless stunners and cheap shots from Kevin Owens on his old teammate, the two have been locked in a bitter feud. The one prevailing theme however has been that Rollins just continues to seem better than his counterpart, Kevin Owens. Rollins has dominated the matchup, and it remains to be seen if Owens can turn the tide this weekend.

In the Monday Night RAW episode immediately preceding WrestleMania, Rollins took to the microphone and cut an excellent promo, already intensifying this bitter rivalry. Mr. Monday Night said that Owens wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Rollins paving the way and it’s clear that he’ll clearly enter this match in a well-earned ‘heel’ role, as his ego has clearly gotten too big.

Rollins has attained all kinds of accolades in the WWE, and there isn’t much left for him this weekend aside from putting on an entertaining show. He’s won it all, and like some other stars on this card – Charlotte Flair & Brock Lesnar, they don’t need to be victorious on this stage in order to remain elite. Kevin Owens meanwhile does need a victory. Despite his obvious talents in all aspects, it has been a long while since he’s been a winner on a grand stage, and WrestleMania certainly counts as one.

Seth does have the backing of his goons who have helped continually put him over Owens in the build-up, and don’t be surprised to see either Buddy Murphy or AOP get involved in some way, potentially awarding the win to Owens via disqualification.

Regarding the line movement for this match, it has pushed steadily in favour of Owens over the past week or so. Though this match opened up as a straight pick’em, the logic outlined above still allows for a heavy lean on ‘KO’ Kevin Owens. Expect some theatrics and an unbelievable wrestling show, but Owens is still a star in the promotion, and look for the WWE to reward him with a much-needed win. After a lengthy bout, expect Owens to catch Rollins with a stunner and earn a pinfall victory.

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Kevin Owens
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