PGA Tour Betting Picks: The Masters

US Masters Predictions - Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth

It’s that time of year again!

Finally! The days of the Valspar Championships and Valero Texas Open are behind us now. If you’re a big golf fan or just a casual like many, you are for sure ready for the major championships to get underway.

Or maybe it could just be you’re ready for winter to be over. For the aforementioned casuals, I’m pretty sure that’s it. They want to see some green green fairways.

Speaking of green, who in the heck is going to be donning that coveted green jacket come Sunday evening in Georgia?

There are other questions in the air as well. For instance, will the tournament even be finished by the end of the weekend?

With the changing of the seasons comes erratic weather, particularly the high likelihood of thunderstorms on Sunday.

Not only could this affect when the tournament will end but, of course, who is going to win.

I’m sure you have fair weather friends and family.

Well, just like Jim-Bob or Aunt Sally might only answer, call, or come by when everything is kosher, there are certain players who thrive in the fairest conditions.

Conversely, there are golfers who thrive in the elements.

Most European players are accustomed to imperfect weather including high winds and rain.

With that being said, the wind forecast isn’t looking too vicious at this point.

It’s mainly the fact that it has been raining quite a bit at Augusta National the past week or so with more on the way.

This means the men who can’t hit the ball off the tee very high or long pre-bounce may have good days, but aren’t very likely to bring home the W.

It’s the bombers that I would definitely include in my betting spread.

Okay, that alone doesn’t help us very much due to the fact that this is a major championship and there will be plenty of long and hard hitters in the 86-man field this weekend.

All of the world’s best will be in action.

Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, and Rory McIlroy will be leading the way.

In my opinion, this is true more so the latter from Northern Ireland.

Rory is the favorite and will be looking to complete the PGA Tour major tournament grand slam for his career.

Many experts and bettors along with the sportsbooks favor him as the most likely winner by Sunday or maybe Monday’s end.

Even with the lowest payout, of course, I favor him as well.

Gary Woodland is another golfer who could play very well this weekend. He loves to crush off the tee and started off 2019 very hot.

Europeans Tommy Fleetwood and the world number one Justin Rose I like as well.

In my personal and professional opinion, picking a winner is a bit of a shot in the dark if you can pardon the cliche.

There top twenty, ten, and top five betting lines available.

Let’s jump into the odds and find the most valuable betting lines for you to take.

BetOnline has plenty of the goods this week!

Justin Thomas to Finish in the Top Ten

While he hasn’t been playing his best golf as of late, JT from Louisville, Kentucky can’t be held down for long.

I love the balance of his game and in my opinion, he is the best overall golfer on the PGA Tour today.

Maybe he can’t hit it as far and as long as maybe Tony Finau, Brooks Koepka, or Dustin Johnson but his iron and scrambling game is second only to maybe Hideki Matsuyama.

Hint: I like all of these guys as top twenty bets but let’s just begin with the bourbon barrel accurate bomber from the BlueGrass State.

The Bet

Jordan Spieth to Finish in the Top Twenty

Yes, the 25-year-old “phenom” from Dallas, Texas has won here before but he hasn’t finished inside the top 30 since August.

After breaking onto the scene at a very young age, the likely Cowboys fan (ugh) has quickly become rather mediocre.

I could be wrong here, and maybe it’s because of where he’s from but I like the value here. There is so much talent in the field and with him not even playing up to par, pardon the pun, I just don’t see it as likely.

Take the even odds.

The Bet

Will There Be a Playoff?

Okay, this isn’t the most scientific picks but with so many good players, I like this one.

Clearly, it isn’t likely to happen with the sportsbooks giving us 3-1 odds but I can see Rory, JT, and maybe even a Finau or Matsuyama very close in the end.

Let’s say JT falters and Jordan Spieth actually has a decent showing. You could still come out ahead if at least two golfers are tied when 72 holes are completed.

The Bet

In Conclusion

This should be a great tournament but with a loaded field and several betting options available, let’s have some fun with it.

You have someone to pull for, someone to pull against, and during the final round, let’s just hope no one golfer has a Tiger Woods-esque day and runs away with a green jacket.

Enjoy the weekend guys and get those bets in as soon as you can!

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