Bet on Kentucky Derby Guide

With so many people in the United States looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby today I’ve decided to create this mini “Bet on Kentucky Derby Guide”.  I will walk you through exactly how to bet on the Kentucky Derby online.

I can’t believe Derby Day is here.  Maybe it’s the bad weather here where I live, but the race has snuck up on me and I am super excited to watch the ponies on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I’ve been betting the Derby online for a number of years now and am here to walk you through how to bet on the races online step-by-step…

Step By Step Kentucky Derby Betting

#1 – You need to pick your online sports betting site.  I’ve heavily promoted (and chosen for myself) because they are a North American regulated betting site.  They have been around since 1997 and have thousands and thousands of members betting on a daily basis.

They also have easy Credit Card deposit options (if you can’t make a deposit you just need to contact their helpful support team) and they have very simple cash outs.  The cash outs are done quickly, allowing you to have your Kentucky Derby winnings back into your bank account in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are looking to bet on the Kentucky Derby this year look no further than

They are offering new sign ups a 100% up to $200 FREE Money bonus.  This means the amount you deposit will be matched and added to your account balance right away so you can double up your bets on the Derby (or save it for another bet if you wish).  For example, if you deposit $50 today you will receive $50 added to your account for free for a total of $100 to wager with.

#2 – The next thing you need to do is choose which type of betting your are going to do.  The easiest for beginners is to just pick a winner, but the payouts won’t be as high as the exotic bets.  Exotic betting is choosing which horses are going to place in the Top 2, 3 or 4.

If you want the best chances of winning a bet I would be picking 1 or 2 horses just to win.  If you want a big score you will want to mess around with the exotic bets and maybe throw in some long shot horses for a possible big pay day.

Here at we have a lot of different Horse Racing Betting articles you can check out to learn more about the different types of bets.

#3 – The third thing you need to do is pick your horses.  I have had two horse racing writers chime in with some articles here on The Sports Geek with some picks, but our official plays are sent to those on our newsletter list (join by entering first name and email in the top left of this page).

All in all with so many horses running in the Kentucky Derby it might be best to just do you betting with your own picks if you feel more comfortable doing that.

Whatever horses you are betting on I wish you luck!  Enjoy Derby Day.

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