Fonner Park Selections for May 26, 2020 – Horse Racing Picks

Fonner Park Selections for May 26, 2020 – Horse Racing Picks

Tuesday is a quiet day of horse racing after an action packed weekend at major tracks across the US. Churchill Downs and Santa Anita Park both hosted some big stakes races, with Memorial Day featuring the Shoemaker Mile Stakes and Gamely Stakes for $300,000 each at Santa Anita. We didn’t do well with those events, but swept the stakes races at Churchill Downs on Saturday. That was good for 5 out of 5 and the Pick 5 at Churchill Downs.

Our Rainbow Pick 6 card at Santa Anita yesterday started out excellently with wins in the first two races. However, there wasn’t much to get excited about otherwise. There were a couple of picks that I’d love to get back, but it doesn’t work like that. Oh well, after hitting the Pick 5 at Churchill Downs on Saturday there is nothing to get down about.

It was still a very profitable weekend, and I would have to have some pretty poor bankroll management skills to throw away that return from the Pick 5 anytime soon. There is only one racetrack open on Tuesday, as Fonner Park will put an end to their current season on Wednesday. The fact that they survived through this pandemic and raced is an accomplishment in its own right. With slim pickings for betting on Tuesday, Fonner may have its biggest handle yet. Head below for our free Fonner Park selections for May 26, 2020.


Race 3

(1) Bandwidth
+600 (6/1)
(2) Bigshot Lacewell
+350 (7/2)
(3) Spoon Boss
+800 (8/1)
(4) Warrior’s Lullaby
+250 (5/2)
(5) Out of Patience
+600 (6/1)
(6) Astonishing Tweet
+300 (3/1)
(7) Trask
+1000 (10/1)

Post Time: 4:54 p.m. CST
Distance: 6 Furlongs

We have three picks at Fonner Park on Tuesday, beginning with a 6-furlong event in Race 3. This looks like it should be a race between the No. 4 and No. 6 horses. According to the morning-line, Bigshot Lacewell is getting +350, which effectively puts him as one of the favorites to win. However, I’d like to see something bigger than +350 on Bigshot Lacewell.

Bigshot Lacewell has won 6 of 33 races in his career, with his most recent victory on March 30 after moving from Remington Park to Fonner. He beat Out of Patience by 2 ½ lengths after taking over at the ¾ pole. Nice inside bid by Bigshot Lacewell as a sizable underdog in that event.

However, Bigshot Lacewell has been rather inconsistent and unable to put positive results like that together in a row. In his previous seven races, Bigshot Lacewell has finished 6th, 9th, 5th, 7th, 1st, 9th, and 3rd in his most recent outing on April 29. He took a crack at a couple of stakes races in there and didn’t show much.

Bigshot Lacewell finished 9th in the Oklahoma Classics Starters Stakes and 9th in the Dowd Mile Stakes. I don’t think entering those two races was in his best interest, as there was little hope of showing. He has just 2 wins in 21 of his previous outings.

Astonishing Tweet looks for the hat-trick on Tuesday after wins on April 21 and May 5. He won on April 21 by 3 ¾ lengths over Rulethenight in a wire-to-wire win. Astonishing Tweet was the heavy favorite and lived up to the odds.

That was followed up by another bold bid on May 5 to win another wire-to-wire race by 9 ¾ lengths over Shepherd’s Pride. The success was discovered by Astonishing Tweet after dropping a class following a 7th place finish on April 8. Overall, Astonishing Tweet has a win in 8 of 22 races in his career.

If it weren’t for Warrior’s Lullaby entry into this race, Astonishing Tweet might be in the clear for a win. Warrior’s Lullaby is coming off a hat-tick and has won 7 of 15 races in his career for a tremendous win percentage of 46%. He has wins at Santa Anita Park, Churchill Downs, Ellis Park, Keeneland, Turfway Park, and making it look easy at Fonner picking on easy prey.

Warrior’s Lullaby won by a nose over For the Hustle on March 8, 1 ½ lengths on March 30 over Bandwidth, and 2 ½ lengths on April 27 over Smarty Party Papa. This should be an entertaining race, with Warrior’s Lullaby likely too much to handle.

The Bet

Race 4

(1) Medieval Medicine
+1200 (12/1)
(2) Vanquish
+1500 (15/1)
(3) Diesel’s Prize
+600 (6/1)
(4) Dreamer’s Point
+300 (3/1)
(5) Be Stormy
+1000 (10/1)
(6) Renvyle
+800 (8/1)
(7) Shawnee Kid
+800 (8/1)
(8) Witt’sdollarnight
+200 (2/1)

Post Time: 5:21 p.m. CST
Distance:1 Mile and 70 Yards

Race 4 is a longer challenge, with a mile and 70 yards being run on the dirt. This is tied for the smallest purse size of the day at $3,700. Fonner has been able to do the bare minimum for the horsemen in the backstretch, and offering big purses has not been in the cards. In any event, this should be a good eight-horse race on Tuesday in Race 4.

Dreamer’s Point and Witt’sdollarnight are likely both going to be willing competitors in this event. Dreamer’s Point drops down a class after struggling mightily for the last six races. After showing on January 2, Dreamer’s Point has failed to execute and has failed to finish in the top-4 in six straight outings.

Dreamer’s Point has finished 6th, 6th, 5th, 9th, 5th in his past five races, so a drop in class was necessary. His team would love a win, but placing at this point would be an improvement. He has won 4 of 34 races for a win percentage of 11.7% in his career. Standing in his way between placing and winning is likely going to be Witt’sdollarnight.

Witt’sdollarnight keeps getting closer and closer, but has failed to close out the deal. He’s placed in 3 of his previous 4 races for good runs, which is good, just not great enough to go to the winner’s circle. Witt’sdollarnight has finished 2nd in back-to-back races. He lost by a head on April 27 against Hyper Drive, and then came back with another solid run but was beaten by 4 lengths. March 31 was the same story, with Witt’sdollarnight losing by 2 lengths for 2nd.

This is a horse that was a regular stakes participant early in his career. He won the Harry Jeffrey Stakes in 2017, and came close in the Oklahoma Stallion Stakes (Black Type) and Spirit of Texas Stakes (Black Type). These days he’s better suited picking on easier opponents. This should be one of those races where Witt’sdollarnight excels over a weak field on Tuesday.

The Bet

Race 9

(1) Dance for Ransom
+2000 (20/1)
(2) Dukati
+400 (4/1)
(3) Picadilly Roadster
+800 (8/1)
(4) Runarounddancing
+600 (6/1)
(5) El Diablo Grande
+500 (5/1)
(6) Elusive Blueboy
+1500 (15/1)
(7) Smarty Party Papa
+250 (5/2)
(8) Holiday Joke
+1200 (12/1)
(9) Junkers
+1200 (12/1)
(10) Mr Red Sensation
+800 (8/1)

Post Time: 7:36 p.m. CST
Distance:6 Furlongs

Race 9 will close out the card at Fonner Park on Tuesday, as there will be one more following this event. They’ve struggled to find nine races to put together for the last month, so it’s good to see a ninth race offered. Smarty Party Papa, Dukati, and Runarounddancing are on my shortlist for this race. Runarounddancing has won 11 of 44 races in his career for a win percentage of 25%.

He won on February 28 by 1 ¼ lengths over Shepherd’s Pride, but this was surrounded by some poor results from Runarounddancing. He’s finished 5th, 6th, 8th, 1st, 4th, 4th in his previous six races. Runarounddancing decides when he wants to run. Today could be the day that Runarounddancing decides to go.

Dukati is a 9-year-old veteran that has been racing since January 18, 2014. He has gone winless in six straight outings following a win on January 4. However, improvements were made in Dukati’s most recent appearance on April 29. Dukati was in better form to place 2nd behind Witt’s Gold by a nose. He is going to need that kind of effort and a little more to do a spot better in Race 9 on Tuesday. In his lengthy career, Dukati has won 15 of 73 races.

Smarty Party Papa is the most consistent runner in this race. He’s typically running up front and must be one to consider. Smarty Party Papa has been in the top-3 in 4 of his last 5 races. He was 3rd on April 7 against a pretty tough field. An underdog in that race, but Smarty Party Papa didn’t run like it to beat out Hunters Appeal by ¾ lengths.

He has a couple of stakes wins on his resume, with wins in the Grasmick Stakes on February 23, 2019 and Budweiser Tondi Stakes on March 23, 2019. If Smarty Party Papa runs like he did to finish 3rd and 2nd in his previous two races, a trip to the winner’s circle will likely be in his future today.

The Bet
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