Remington Park Selections for April 23, 2020 – Horse Racing Picks

Remington Park Selections for April 23, 2020 – Horse Racing Picks

The quarter horse meet will pick up again at Remington Park in Oklahoma City on Thursday evening. If you don’t have the time to wager during the afternoon, Remington Park provides an option to bet in the evening. First post time is scheduled for 6:00 PST with the last race at 9:54 CST. Even if you don’t get in on the early races, there are still ten races featured on the card tonight in Oklahoma City.

If you’re new to quarter horse racing, you’ve probably seen it before but didn’t realize it. Quarter horses run in a straight line and bred to fly out of the gate. It’s drag racing with horses. Races are typically done in under 20 seconds. If you want to watch the races, and you’re distracted by something else at the wrong time, you’re going to miss what happened. Hopefully you had a winning selection in that race anyway. Photo finishes are common in quarter horse racing. Wins by the length of a nose are common.

If you don’t like waiting 3 hours for a game to finish, or even a minute or two for a thoroughbred race to conclude, quarter horse racing should be your go-to bet. Louisiana Downs was hosting a quarter horse meet before the track had to close to race. Training had also been halted at Louisiana Downs, which is going to prove to be difficult for trainers getting their horses back to form. Oklahoma has avoided the kind of Covid-19 caseload that Louisiana has had to deal with, so they’ve had the green light throughout the pandemic. Head below for our free Remington Park selections for April 23, 2020.


Race 1

(1) Sweet Bab of Return
+400 (4/1)
(2) Travelin Friends
+250 (5/2)
(3) Eyeza Painted Pistol
+500 (5/1)
(4) First Tee for Two
+1500 (15/1)
(5) Park Avenue Air
+1200 (12/1)
(6) Lickedy Spit
800 (8/1)
(7) Rushagochick
+600 (6/1)
(8) Jenuine
+1500 (15/1)
(9) Sm Red Country Storm
+1000 (10/1)

Post Time: 6:00 CST
Distance: 300 Yards

Nine horses are scheduled for Race 1 at Remington Park. They’ll gallop 300 yards to determine a winner. A purse worth $8,800 will be offered in the initial contest on Thursday. Jenuine, Sm Red Country Storm, Park Avenue Air, and First Tee for Two are all going to head to the gate as heavily priced underdogs. Jenuine had the winning touch in her first two races, with wins at Louisiana Downs and Delta Downs in January and April of 2019. It’s been much tougher for her since then against higher classes. She has gone 7th, 10th, 5th, and 12th in her last four outings. Her most recent was a poor effort, as she finished 12th on March 27, with a time of 16.856 seconds.

Sm Red Country Storm is winless in the first five races of her career. Her best performance was on November 8, 2019 in 3rd with a time of 15.922 seconds at 300 yards. That’s likely not going to be good enough to find a win on Thursday against this field. Park Avenue Air does have a couple of wins in her career, though in 2016 and 2018. Since her win on June 30, 2018, Park Avenue Air has not been performing at a competitive level at the track. She’s finished 7th, 7th, 4th, and 7th. Her last race was on October 7, 2018, so she should be slightly rusty.

The most successful competitors in this event are likely going to be found on the inside from the No. 1 to 3 post. Eyeza Painted Pistol is catching some pretty favorable odds and has a decent chance of getting the win here. She has won 2 out of 7 races and is coming off a win on March 27 at 300 yards. Eyeza Painted Pistol got the win by running a 15.804. She didn’t have the same success in two prior outings, though, finishing 7th and 6th. On October 11, 2019, Eyeza Painted Pistol was 6th with a time of 17.645 seconds and 15.855 seconds on March 12. So yes, the competition obviously matters. She was actually better in those two races and wasn’t even close to the front.

Sweet Bab of Return has won 2 of 13 races, with her last victory on October 5, 2019 which was only two outings ago. She completed 300 yards at 15.702 seconds to beat out Df Lawton for the win. It wasn’t an easy win by any means, Sweet Bab of Return had to rally late, as she was 4th in the stretch and won by a head. Prior to that win, she didn’t show in three straight races, with finishes of 7th, 6th, and 7th. In her most recent effort, Sweet Bab of Return was 4th with a time of 15.668 seconds. A better time, but couldn’t keep up against better competition.

Travelin Friends will push Sweet Bab of Return and force her to record an impressive time. Travelin Friends has won two out of her last three outings, and has placed in at least four of five. She won with a time of 13.425 seconds at 250 yards on November 3, 2019 and a time of 15.465 seconds at 300 yards on October 5, 2019. She was less successful at 350 yards with a time of 16.861 seconds, but note that she was running at the front in the final stretch, just unable to hold on. Travel Friends has been better at shorter distances and should run well on Thursday.

The Bet

Race 5

(1) Soul Kisser
+400 (4/1)
(2) Peves Eagleetta
+500 (5/1)
(3) Vf Politics N Chicks
+250 (5/2)
(4) This Political Candy
+1200 (12/1)
(5) Docs Kansas Rep
+800 (8/1)
(6) Scaredy Pants
+2000 (20/1)
(7) Train to B Bad
+800 (8/1)
(8) Throw Th Dice
+1200 (12/1)
(9) Alotalota
+600 (6/1)

Post Time: 7:44 CST
Distance:350 Yards

A purse worth $21,600 will be offered to nine horses in Race 5 at Remington Park on Thursday. Throw Th Dice, This Political Candy, and Scaredy Pants are the only two sizable underdogs that you are likely going to find at post time in Race 5. Scaredy Pants is a winner in 2 out of 19 races, with one of those wins coming three races ago on October 25, 2019.

It was an easy field at Will Rogers Downs that day, though, as Scaredy Pants got the win at 350 yard with a time of 17.558 seconds. She was well behind the pace in her last two outings, with finishes of 9th and 4th. Scaredy Pants crossed the finish line at 17.784 seconds on November 9, 2019 and 18.050 seconds on March 26 in her most recent effort. Neither would be good enough to top this field.

This Political Candy won in his debut on March 22, 2018 and has been placeless since. He showed once on October 11, 2019, but other than that, This Political Candy has not been racing up front. In his latest outing, This Political Candy finished 4th with a time of 15.504 seconds at 300 yards. He’s been better at shorter distances, and has yet to show in a race beyond 300 yards. Don’t expect him to be a factor in Race 5.

We’re likely going to see bold bids by Soul Kisser and Vf Politicals N Chicks. Soul Kisser is searching for the hat-trick after wins on March 6 and April 5 at 300 yards and 400 yards. He ran 400 yards at 20.226 seconds and 300 yards at 15.559 seconds. Soul Kisser is a winner in 2 out of 8 races, placing 2nd in two other races for a fairly nice portfolio. Politicals N Chicks has 2 wins in 8 races as well, though his wins were on September 28, 2019 and May 24, 2019. Having said that, it’s been because of the competition.

Note that Politicals N Chicks completed 400 yards at 20.199 seconds in his last outing on April 5. He was also much better than Soul Kisser’s time of 15.559 seconds at 300 yards. Politics N Chicks notched a time of 15.288 seconds for 4th on March 12. That doesn’t sound like much over Soul Kisser, but when it comes to quarter horse racing, that’s a notable difference. In a win on September 28, 2019, he won at 350 yards with a time of 17.630 yards. If Politics N Chicks runs how he’s capable of on Thursday, this looks like a winnable event on Thursday evening in Oklahoma City.

The Bet
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