American League vs. National League MLB All-Star Game Pick

I don’t know if it is just me, but it feels a little surreal that we are already at the All-Star game. This season has just flown right by. And while it feels like a quick season, it has been a very profitable one thus far. I hope to win even bigger in the second half of the season, while continuing to build that bankroll up for football season.

With all All-Star games, it isn’t recommended that you put many units on this one. I know this is essentially the last betting option available until Friday, so people are going to want to have some action on it. With that said, I advise making a recreational bet on the MLB All-Star game. There is no telling what kind of antics are going to happen that can kill a bet. I do remember vividly last year, Bryce Harper I believe, purposely allowed a ball to drop for a hit on a high pop-up. That is the kind of antics I am talking about here. Nevertheless, All-Star games are always fun to have a few dollars on.

Free MLB Pick:

American League +110 at National League -130 (Total: 8)

Max Scherzer (13-1, 3.19 ERA) vs. Matt Harvey (7-2, 2.35 ERA)

Be honest, at the beginning of the season did you fathom that Max Scherzer of the Tigers and Matt Harvey of the New York Mets would be starting in the All-Star game? I’ll answer first with a big NO. I’m sure that echoes the sentiments of everyone else as well. However, Scherzer and Harvey are deserving starters for Tuesday night. Harvey will be representing the National League with a 7-2 record and 2.35 ERA in front of his home fans at Citi Field. The American League will counter with Scherzer, who was a perfect 13-0 before he fell to the Texas Rangers on Saturday. He would have been the first pitcher to start 14-0 since Roger Clemens. Even though he didn’t achieve that accomplishment, 13-1 is an outstanding way to enter the All-Star break, and deserving of a start in the All-Star game.

Remember that that isn’t a normal game, Scherzer and Harvey are not going to be in for very long. So, it is important to take a look at the pitchers behind these guys. I took a look, and I like what I see. Studs such as Clayton Kershaw, Yu Darvish, Bartolo Colon, Felix Hernandez, Patrick Corbin, Madison Bumgarner, and Adam Wainwright will have the opportunity to showcase what they have been doing all season long. There really is no need to breakdown pitcher-by-pitcher, all of them are here for a reason, and that’s because they have had phenomenal seasons so far.

Of course the offensive side of things brings some jaw-dropping talent with it as well. With names like Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Chris Davis, Jose Bautista, and Davis Ortiz vs. Carlos Beltran, Joey Votto, David Wright, Troy Tulowitzki, and Andrew McCutchen, it’s bound to give pitchers a few headaches. But wait, is that really true?

No, not quite. While other professional sports leagues’ All-Star games are all about scoring, the MLB game is ruled by the pitcher. Given the fact that pitchers only pitch an inning or two, there is always going to be a fresh arm in the game. A fresh arm with plenty of talent I should add. There won’t be any Heath Bell sightings here late in the game. There’s always going to be a talented gun ready to go in the bullpen. The National League won by a score of 8-0 last year, but remember, Justin Verlander got absolutely tanked in the first inning, with most of the runs coming in that span. Call it the Kate Upton effect, or whatever you want to call it, but if Verlander brought half of what we are accustomed to then that game would have sailed under the total. The last game where more than 8 runs were scored was back in 2007, when the American League won 5-4.

I’m going to make a small play on the UNDER 8 in this spot. I do think Jim Leyland wants to win this one badly to give the Tigers home field advantage in the World Series if they reach there again, which they very well may do, so I have a lean on the AL, too.

Free Pick: UNDER 8