Astros vs. Dodgers World Series Game Seven Pick – November 1st

It all comes down to this!

For the first time in nearly twenty years, we the fans get treated to a second straight year with a World Series Game Seven. Last year’s was an absolute legendary, epic, time-capsule classic, but if you eliminate the Cubs mythology from the action (which is admittedly impossible), this year’s World Series has probably been better to this point. Games Two and Five were some of the wildest and most thrilling games in postseason history with unprecedented statistical feats and comebacks and extra-innings heroics. But every great movie is judged by its ending.

Can tonight punctuate the story and cement 2017 as an all-time great?

Let’s take a look at the winner-take-all Game Seven matchup.

Today’s MLB Pick:


Houston Astros +115 at Los Angeles Dodgers -122 (Total: 7.5)
Lance McCullers vs. Yu Darvish

Tonight is the first World Series Game Seven in the long and storied history of Dodger Stadium. Put it this way, even VIN SCULLY has never seen a Dodgers World Series Game Seven and he broadcast their game in the Garden of Eden. Obviously, tonight is BIG – it’s a winner-take-all World Series game, but add in the long history of the Dodgers and the non-existent championship history of the Astros and the game becomes even more compelling.

Who has the edge? The Astros offense was statistically better this season, but after six games, I think we can call the respective offenses a near-push; both are young, talented and potent. The Dodgers do have a HUGE edge in that the game is at home where they have won at a great than 72% clip including the postseason. They just don’t lose often in Chavez Ravine. And they have a slight starting pitching edge as well with Yu Darvish getting the ball versus Lance McCullers.

However, the Astros have Dallas Kuechel available in the pen, and the Dodgers COULD have Clayton Kershaw (if Roberts is feeling so bold or daring – Kershaw’s short rest track record isn’t amazing). It will be all hands on deck tonight, and from a pitching perspective, that SHOULD have the Dodgers. Their bullpen showed some uncharacteristic weakness this series, but over the larger sample size of 176 games, they have been legendarily excellent.

Darvish was shaky in his first start in the World Series, and his game was punctuated by Yuri Guriell’s racial gesture that earned him a five-game suspension to start the 2018 campaign. It would be deliciously ironic if Guriell comes to the plate in a high leverage situation tonight. The boos will be MASSIVE, and the stake high. Great drama.

It seems cowardly NOT to pick a winner in a Game Seven, so I’ll go with the value of the home team with a full complement of amazing pitchers to use in patchwork fashion tonight. The Dodgers basically win three of four home games, and they’ve already given one away this series. I’ll play the odds and take the best team in baseball to close out the season with the biggest win in thirty years.


Chris Scheeren / Author